Vung Thom pork sausage

Vung Thom village, Phu Tan commune, My Tu district, Soc Trang province is not only famous for Pia cake but also pork sausage (Lap xuong).

Pork sausage (Lap xuong) is a favorite of many people thanks to easy storage, easy cooking, and great taste. Just boil, fry, grill or steam raw Lap xuong to have a main dish to eat with steamed rice (or steamed sticky rice), veggies, herbs. Lap xuong is a must ingredient to cook the famous Young Chew fried rice. The pork sausage is a must food at Tet festival – the biggest festival in Vietnam. It is usually served with pickled small leeks. Lap xuong is originally from Vung Thom. Although Lap xuong is made in many regions in the country, the Lap xuong made in Vung Thom has typical taste and smell due to the traditional recipe of local cooks.

Main ingredients for Vung Thom pork sausage are lean ham, pork fat, Mai Que Lo wine, pork gut. The ham, fat, and gut should be fresh. To make Lap xuong, ground pork and fat, marinate ground pork and fat with Mai Que Lo wine and spices (sugar, salt, black pepper) for about 20 minutes, then fill the gut. Mai Que Lo wine plays an important part in making Vung Thom pork sausage, it enhances smell and taste of Lap xuong. The maker uses a needle and pricks the casing to create air bubbles. The long filled gut is tied to divide it into shorter chunks. After filling the guts, dry the sausage under the sun or in drying machine until it turns red and shinning. Above is how they make fresh Vung Thom pork sausage which can be stored at room temperature for about 15 days.

Another type of Lap xuong in Vung Thom is dry Lap xuong which could be stored for a few months. Instead of fresh pork gut, they use dry gut. In addition, it needs more time to dry the dry pork sausage.


Coming to Vung Thom, do not miss tasting some nice-tasty Lap xuong and buying some to bring home. It will be a great gift for your family and friends.

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