Tet Flower Markets in Saigon

Tet Flower Markets in Saigon

Tet or Vietnamese New Year is the most important annual celebration in Vietnam. At the beginning of December on the lunar calendar, all Vietnamese people are eager to welcome Tet. Being foreigner staying in Vietnam, what are you going to do to enjoy completely like locals do? Before Tet, from the twentieth to the thirtieth December on the lunar calendar, colorful flower markets are crowded with people selling and buying flowers and plants used to decorate houses at Tet. Tet flower market has become an important part in Vietnamese culture. In fact, some months before Tet, flower farmers have started growing flowers and plants for Tet. It’s a big chance for any foreigner to visit Tet flower markets in Saigon and learn more about interesting local life at the biggest festival in their country.


A Vietnamese girl takes care of her Tet flower garden

In Ho Chi Minh city, I would like to introduce three most famous and biggest flower markets:

  • Ho Thi Ky flower market on Ho Ho Thi Ky street and its alleys in District 10;
  • Dam Sen flower market (near Dam Sen Part) at 39 Nguyen Van Phu Street, District 11;
  • Hau Giang flower market on Hau Giang Street, District 6.

During the year, the characters of those markets are enough kinds of flowers from all over the country, even from outside of the country. But at Tet festival, beautiful flowers and plants for Tet are sold popularly. Especially, these flower markets never sleep, buyers and sellers are extremely crowded on the days before Tet.

Ho Thi Ky Flower Market Saigon Sightseeing And Food Tour By Motorbike Feature

Ho Thi Ky flower market is crowded with lots of people coming to buy flower to decorate their houses  at the end of December on the lunar calendar

Colorful Daisy At Tet Flower Market At Night

Colorful Dam Sen flower market at Tet, flower are full of the streets

Yellow Daisy At Tet Flower Market At Night

Daisy at Hau Giang flower market at Tet

There are also some Tet Flower Markets in Saigon only opened at Tet:

  • Phu My Hung flower market in District 7;
  • Binh Dong Harbor flower market on Hoang Si Khai Street, District 8.

Phu My Hung flower market is one of the largest flower markets in the city. It’s located in the richest area in Saigon with one of the romantic Phu My bridge, beautiful park and many luxury villas. You will have chance to see big flowering hundred-year-old apricot tree sold at high price. Coming to Binh Dong Harbor flower market along Tau Hu canal, tourist can experience the unique “ Tren ben, duoi thuyen” (Above is a harbor, under is boats) sight. The boats with flowers on them have roofs with water coconut leaves. The girls or sellers are both graceful and gentle in beautiful Ba Ba dress which have been popular in Southwest Vietnam. All contains deep character of Southwest Vietnam.

Apricot Blossom At Tet Festival

Phu My Hung Tet flower market is large enough to sell a lots of big trees such as kumquat, apricot tree… The apricot tree in above photo costed 2 billions VND which could be used to buy a luxury apartment in the city.

binh dong flower market at tet

Binh Dong flower market is as beautiful as a painting with line of hundreds of boats with thousands of flowers and plants for Tet

Although above Tet Flower Markets in Saigon have enough kinds of flowers, people are still interested in traditional ones which contain meaning of the spring in Vietnam:

– Apricot blossom – the symbol of luckiness;

– Kumquat – the symbol of abundance;

– Marigold – the symbol of longevity;

– Daisy – the symbol of blessing;

– Fig tree – the symbol of affluence;

– Gerbera – the symbol of money.

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