Water Puppet Show at Golden Dragon Theater in Ho Chi Minh City

Puppetry is a Vietnamese traditional art form that has been closely connected with the long-standing Vietnamese people’s spiritual life. There are different puppet shows in the country, with various kinds of puppets. However, puppetry art has been diversified and popularized, mostly in North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Today, Water Puppet Show is a brilliant gem in Vietnamese culture and has been popular for tourists who come to our country. Travelers can enjoy this special art form at Water Puppet Show at Golden Dragon Theater in Ho Chi Minh City.

Golden Dragon Theater


The show starts daily at 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM and lasts about 45 minutes with no intermission. Daytime performances according to your agreement).

Address: 55B Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.


Booking – office: +84 2839302196 or +84989370873

Head office: +84 2838404027

Ticket price: VND 250,000 (~ $11 USD)






Water Puppet Show

The program includes:

1. Raising the Festival Flag (Bật cờ hội)


2. The narrator: Teu (Tễu giáo trò)


3. Dragon Dance (Múa rồng)


4. On a buffalo with the flute (Em bé chăn trâu thổi sáo)


5. Agriculture (Nông nghiệp)


6. Catching frogs (Câu ếch)


7. Rearing ducks and catching foxes (Đánh cáo bắt vịt)


8. Fishes (Câu, đánh bắt cá)


9. Lion dance (Múa sư tử)


10. Phoenix dance (Múa phượng)


11. King Le Loi on boat tour or the legend about “Restored sword” (Truyền thuyết Lê Lợi trả gươm)


12. Children playing in water (Nhi đồng Hý thủy)

13. Boat racing (Đua thuyền)


14. Unicorns play with ball (Múa lân tranh cầu)


15. Fairy dance (Múa tiên)


16. Dance of four Holy Animals (Múa tứ linh long lân quy phụng)

Artists, puppets and instruments

Musical instruments include wood and leather drums in different sizes such as great drum (trống cái), rice drum (trống cơm), child drum (trống con), tocsin made from turtle shell (mõ rùa), Vietnamese traditional zither (đàn tranh), flute (sáo), Vietnamese two-chord fiddle (đàn nhị), gong (thanh la), clash cymbals (não bạt). Artists are usually in traditional Ao Dai, four-flap outfits (áo tứ thân), Vietnamese headband (mấn).


All the artists are passionate to perform with zither, flute and Vietnamese two-chord fiddle


Tours including Water Puppet Show at Golden Dragon Theater in Ho Chi Minh City

In order to enjoy the unique Water Puppet Show at Golden Dragon Theater, you can come to the theater, buy a ticket directly at the ticket booth, then enter the hall on time to watch the show. However, the tickets usually run out in peak season in Saigon. It is better to book the show in advance by contacting the Golden Dragon Theater or through a tour agency.

The most popular tour including this show is usually called Saigon Water Puppet Show and Dinner On Cruise By Cyclo. It is known as one of the best things to do in Ho Chi Minh City thanks to the perfect mix of traditional culture and the nice view of Saigon streets and rivers at night. On this tour, they take you around the city by three-wheel vehicles – cyclos, then stop at Golden Dragon Theater where to enjoy the great puppetry show, finally to a cruise ship where to cruise along Saigon River and enjoy delicious meals. There is another option if you do not want to join a cyclo tour but a tour on two wheels. That is a brand new designed tour: Saigon Water Puppet Show & Dinner on Cruise Tour by Motorbike


water puppet show by motorbike

Guests take photos in front of the Water Puppet Show at Golden Dragon Theater on a Water puppet show and Dinner on Cruise by Motorbike

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