Life in Saigon alley

Each day you are in Saigon, you will find yourselves drawn to the little alleys that wind their way throughout the inner city. Walking along the streets, these alleys suddenly open up in your peripheral vision – blink, and you’ll miss them. They are wonderful to walk through – bringing you into close proximity with tiny hotels, shops, and residential apartments, and glimpses of everyday life – children practicing the piano, families gathering on the front steps for a meal, washing drying on balconies, motorbikes zipping past, little dogs growling if you get too close to their territory. When approaching a corner you never know if you will come upon another alley, hit a dead end, or almost step through someone’s front door.

You may notice the proliferation of Vietnamese flags in the photos below – people are very patriotic here, but there were probably even more flags than usual since we were here over the holiday period celebrating the 1975 Reunification of North and South Vietnam.
Apart from crowded and busy streets, in Saigon small back alleys, life is quieter and simpler. Neighbors enjoy their breakfast with clear rice noodle soup and coffee, talk together about everything…

Street Food Stall In Saigon

There are many things to see in Saigon alleys: a man was paying motorbike taxi driver, an old woman was selling lotteries, two men were playing chess, others were enjoy their meals

Life flows slowly on weekend in a small Saigon alley. At the begining of alley coffee and other drinks are sold. In the morning, people enjoy coffee while reading newspapers or talking together.

Saigon alley food tour

Elders enjoyed coffee and tea in an alley

A back Saigon alley in Cholon with old sign of time. The space is dark and the light has to be turned on all day. The local use the yard to open street food stalls, parking for bikes. Many small alleys in Cholon is path to old apartments.

Saigon alley food tour

A street food stall in front of a house in a Saigon alley

Saigon alley food tour

Some people were reading newspaper at a drink stall in small alley in Ho Chi Minh city

Saigon alley at 206 Tran Hung Dao street, District 5 is known by name Hao Si Phuong. Locals tell us that this colorful array house was built over 100 years ago.

Saigon alley food tour

Alley at 206 Tran Hung Dao street (District 5) with over 100 year old houses

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