Top 10 Saigon Food Streets

Street food is an important part of Saigon culture. Saigon people take street food seriously. Street food stalls are everywhere in Saigon. I would like to share top 10 Saigon food streets where you can find the best street foods in this city.

1. Wonton on Ha Ton Quyen Street

In Chinese cuisine, wonton is a traditional and must-have dish for Chinese New Year celebrating. It symbolizes the reunion and is supposed to promote longevity and a happy life.
Wonton is a type of dumplings filled with minced pork, shrimp and spices (salt, garlic, chopped green onion…). Wonton is usually boiled and served hot with soup but sometimes fried and served as a side dish. Vietnamese people has created various recipes of wonton with a variety of different ingredients: squid, fish ball, pork skin… that make wonton more delicious.

Wonton Soup - Top 10 Saigon Food Streets
Wonton soup – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Top 10 Saigon Food Streets

Fried wonton – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

There are dozens of wonton street stall on Ha Ton Quyen Street, which is only about 100 meters long. These street food stalls are always crowded with foodies in Saigon. Thien Nhien and Nhu Y are the oldest and best wonton stalls on this street. If you would like to enjoy a warm dish in cool air at night in Ho Chi Minh city, come to enjoy delicious wonton on Ha Ton Quyen street. It’s worth a try.


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2. Vietnamese pancake and Grilled beef in wild betel leaf on Su Van Hanh Street

Su Van Hanh Street has been famous for the perfect couple: Vietnamese pancake and Grilled beef in wild betel leaf which are not only flavorful but also cheap. Vietnamese pancake is central style, smaller and enough for one roll. The cake is bright yellow and crispy. Its filling is made from shrimp, thinly sliced belly pork, bean sprouts and onion. Beef slice wrapped in wild betel leaf is grilled on charcoal and served with green onion oil and peanut. These are the most mouth watering foods in Ho Chi Minh city that any foreigner dreams of.

Vietnamese Pancake in Central Style at Banh Xeo Tom Nhay Thanh Dieu tracy
Vietnamese pancake in central style – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Central Vietnamese Pancake Tracy - Top 10 Saigon Food Streets

A Vietnamese pancake stall on Su Van Hanh street – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Ao Dai Ho Chi Minh Food Tour - Saigon Food Tour by motorbike

3. Vietnamese sweet soup on Nguyen Tri Phuong Street

Vietnamese sweet soup is one of the most favorite dessert in Ho Chi Minh city. The food is usually served cold in a glass over ice or hot in a small bowl. Nguyen Tri Phuong street is famous for Y Phuong Vietnamese sweet soup stall where sell the best Thai sweet soup in Saigon. The mix of creamy coconut milk, colorful jelly, various kind of fruits and beans… makes a perfect flavor. In addition, on this street you can find countless of exotic foods that can fill your stomach or satisfy your taste: Pho, clear rice noodle, steamed wheat flour cake, Hue rice noodle… Come to this street at night, you can see that there aren’t enough places for customers to seat.

Vietnamese Sweet Soup
Thai sweet soup at Y Phuong stall – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

4. Crab soup on Co Giang Street

Located in backpaker area, Co Giang Street is one of top 10 Saigon food streets. The street is full of many stalls which sell crab soup with reasonable price. This Vietnamese version of egg-drop soup is cooked with sweet crab meat, quail egg, chicken bones broth, seasonal asparagus, sweet corn, carrot, fungus… This healthy and succulent dish has attracted Saigon people of all ages and tourists from all over the world.

Vietnamese Crab SoupVietnamese crab soup – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

5. Vietnamese rice paper salad on Nguyen Thuong Hien Street

Vietnamese rice paper salad is the most addicting snack among the children and teenagers in Ho Chi Minh city. This kind of salads incorporates a variety of foods including rice paper strips, beef jerky, lemon juice, shrimp salt, chili powder. Quail egg, tamarind paste, juliened green mango, fresh mint and basil can be added to make rice paper salad more special. Walk along Nguyen Thuong Hien street, you can see many stalls that sell Vietnamese rice paper salad. Each vendor has his own secret recipe that makes the rice paper salad unique. You can also see people are waiting in line to buy a plastic bag of this amazing snack. Would you like to try one bite?

Mixed Rice Paper Salad 3
A plastic bag of rice paper salad is ready for serving – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Local people use chopsticks to eat the dish.

6. Grilled octopus on An Duong Vuong Street

Every evening An Duong Vuong Street is crowded with many foodies coming to eat exotic street foods. The most popular dishes on this street is grilled octopus. The smell of grilled octopus is everywhere on the street. There are various grilled octopus recipes: octopus grilled with fish sauce, octopus grilled with salt, octopus grilled with chili paste, octopus grilled five-spice powder… It’s your choice to grab a dish and just enjoy it.

Grilled Octopus

Octopus is a favorite street food in Saigon – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

7. Snail on Vinh Khanh Street

Come to Vinh Khanh Street after 3:00 am, you will be surprised by a long line of street food stalls that sell snail dishes. There are a vast of tables, chairs and charcoal cookers on the pavements. On the street you can find almost all kinds of snails: sweet snail, gun snail, apple snail, garlic snail… and various methods of cooking snails like grilling, stir-frying, dry stir-frying with variety of spices. Snail has become an important part in Saigon food culture. If you aren’t Saigon residents, let’s come to Vinh Khanh street to sample extremely savory snail dishes.

snail dishes
A delicious snail dish – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

8. Mixed fruits on Nguyen Canh Chan Street

Mixed fruits attract the attention of Saigon people and foreign visitor because of its diversity of fresh local fruits. A plate of mixed fruits usually consists of 5-6 kinds of seasonal fruits like papaya, water melon, jackfruit, dragon fruit, mango… All fruits are cut into cubes and put onto a plate along with coconut meat jam, jelly, ice cream. Let’s come to Nguyen Canh Chan street to taste the best mixed fruits.

Mixed Fruit In Vietnam - Top 10 Saigon Food Streets

A colorful plate of mixed fruits – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

9. Elongatus fish hot pot on Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Street

Elongatus fish hot pot is one of the most popular food in Mekong Delta for its blend of fresh fish, sour and spicy soup base from “giang” leaf. Hot pot consists of a simmering metal pot of stock on the table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table. If you would like to try something authentic and unique then elongatus fish hot pot on Ba Huyen Thanh Quan street is the best choice.

Elongatus fish hot potElongatus fish hot pot

10. Lemon tea on Vo Van Kiet Street

Lemon tea is a part of Hanoi culture, which has been reached Saigon.With cheap price and spacious place, lemon tea has become more and more popular among Saigon people. Lemon tea is usually sold on the pavement at small drink stall in Saigon. Many cafes have been opened to sell lemon tea and the most famous is Vo Van Kiet. Everyday friends gather in cafe, enjoy lemon tea and have a leisurely chat.

Iced Tea
Lemon tea and toasted sunflower seeds are served on small plastic chair on the pavement of Vo Van Kiet street – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

I hope that my post about my sharing about top 10 Saigon food streets can help you to find the right places to eat in Ho Chi Minh city. I would like to recommend you to join a Saigon food tour on motorbike to experience Ho Chi Minh city to its fullest by exploring hidden back alleys and eating exotic street foods.

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