Drinking in Saigon

Drinking in Saigon

In Saigon, there’s no drinking age. Saigon beers are at a reasonable price in the country, you can grab one at about less than 1 USD. Famous local beers include Saigon Red, Saigon Green, Tiger, 333. Foreign brands such as Heineken and Sapporo are also popular. They can be bought easily on the streets, in convenient stores, markets, supermarkets… There are hundreds of places to drink such as luxury restaurant, pubs and food stalls on the streets which we call “quan nhau”. But it’s easy to see friends, couples, family’s members gather around tables at food stalls to drink beer and enjoy beer foods. Others drink beer at home.

Snail, grilled dishes, seafood, goat… are popular beer foods. Some prefer drinking with a plate of peanuts or dried foods (squid jerky, beef jerky…). Vietnamese people drink beer at any time during day and night. But “quan nhau” are the most crowded at cool night when people have finished their work and gathered under the star to sip some beer and eat some foods. It’s time to forget all things including stress, sadness… and totally relax. Beer drinking in Saigon is popular and it’s one of the best ways to socialize.

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Local wine can be bought easily and there’s no limit to buy it. Vietnamese people like to drink rice wine while eating snakes, dog meat, small animals and fear factor foods. Rice wine drinking has become a part of the culture in Vietnam’s countrysides, especially in Mekong Delta. Can Wine (Ruou Can) is a famous type of wine in Vietnam, it is popular in highlands of the country. They use bamboo straws to drink the wine in vases. Many tourists buy Vietnamese wine to bring home to gift their friends and family.

It’s true that it’s fun to drink in Vietnam. Are you excited at drinking in Saigon? If you travel to Ho Chi Minh city, it’s a big chance for you to experience “beer drinking” at night. Do not hesitate to book a motorbike food tour with us to enjoy beer and beer foods with our beautiful tour guide.  Browse our Saigon motorbike tour here!

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Saigon Foodie Tour – Ho Chi Minh Food Tour.

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