Best Sweet Soft Tofu Pudding Cafes In Saigon

Sweet soft tofu pudding is an attractive Saigon street food in Ho Chi Minh city – a foodies’ paradise. This street food has won the heart of people of all ages. Soft tofu pudding which is made with silken tofu, is almost unbelievably good. Adding sugar syrup and some ginger slices onto the soft tofu pudding, it’s ready to serve. It’s a great choice on cool day. Hot sweet soft tofu pudding is often sold at street food stalls in Saigon. Now a variety of soft tofu puddings are made from various ingredients. They are different from traditional Vietnamese sweet soft tofu with amazing flavors. Here are Best Sweet Soft Tofu Pudding Cafes In Saigon, where you can come and enjoy many kinds of delicious sweet soft tofu pudding.

1. Sweet Soft Tofu Pudding at San Bay (Air Port) Cafe

The cafe has recently opened but it is well-known for many foodies. The cafe is crowded every night because of the impressively decorated bowl of pudding and strange menu. It’s a comfortable place to gather, eat and chat. The highlight of this place is Tofu Hotpot, which is a bowl of Soft Tofu Pudding with various colorful toppings.

2. Sweet Soft Tofu Pudding at HAT Cafe

Soft tofu pudding at this cafe is reviewed as wonderful as the sun. Served cold with ice, gac, steamed red bean, aloe vera, Asian grass jelly, fruit, soft tofu pudding here is really rather special, smelling and flavorful.

3. (World of Soft Tofu Pudding dot com)

At, traditional soft tofu pudding is served hot with many types of toppings.

4. Sweet soft Tofu Pudding at Chi Ba Cafe

The cafe has inspiring design where you can enjoy hot and cold soft tofu pudding. The menu is plentiful: soft tofu pudding with pineapple juice, durian and coconut water, soft tofu pudding jelly.

5. Sweet Soft Tofu Pudding at Snowbites Cafe

Made from soy bean imported from Singapore, the tofu pudding at Snowbites cafe is soft and nutritious without cholesterol. Medium-sweet and low-fat soft tofu pudding is good for customer’s health.

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