Top 10 Vietnamese foods You should not miss

Top 10 Vietnamese foods You should not miss

Vietnamese food, with a wide range of delicious dishes: noodle soups, salads, cakes, steamed rice… As a traveler to Vietnam, it’s a big chance to taste flavorful foods and learn more about the country’s rich cuisine. Followings are Top 10 Vietnamese foods you should not miss on your trip to Vietnam. You can do Saigon Food Tour, it’s a big chance to see the best part of Saigon sight, eat street foods, have fun and enjoy the city like locals.

1. Broken rice (Com tam)

Broken rice – a street-stand favorite is one of the most popular Vietnamese foods in the morning. The dish is the perfect choice to provide energy to start a brand new day. Vietnamese people love to eat steamed broken rice with grilled pork chop and/or egg, pork pie, scrambled egg on a plate. “Bi” – a mix of thin strips of pigskin, pork, and roasted rice powder is also a favorite food to eat with broken rice. Pickles, oil chopped green onion, sweet and sour fish sauce dip are must accompaniments that make a plate of Com Tam perfect.

Broken Rice In Vietnam

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2. Banana flower salad (Nom h0a chuoi)

Banana flower salad (or banana blossom salad) couldn’t be missed in the list of Top 10 Vietnamese foods for its great and special taste. The salad is a favorite dish in Vietnam thanks to its great taste and health benefits. Banana flower is the banana plant’s bud which is a favorite ingredient to cook salads and soups in Vietnam. They usually shred banana flowers into strips or rings and soak them in lime water in order to prevent it from changing the color and make them more crunchy. This salad is made by mixing banana flower strips, herbs, meat and/or shrimp (optional), lime juice, sugar, salt, chili and topped with peanuts. The flavor of banana flower salad comes from the sour lime juice and spicy chili playing off the crisp rings of banana blossom. It is a refreshing dish and a perfect choice in the summer.

Salad With Banana Blossom

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3. Quang style noodle soup (Mi quang)

Quang style noodle soup is a specialty in Quang Nam province in Central Vietnam. This kind of noodle is made from Quang style rice noodle and broth cooked from bone and minced shrimp. Toppings are peanuts, chopped green onion, and meat, shrimp, boiled quail or catfish, chicken. A bowl of Quang style noodle soup is often served with shredded banana blossom, various Vietnamese herbs, rice girdle-cake with seaweed, sliced lime, chili, fish sauce.

Quang Style Noodle - Top 10 Vietnamese foods

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Ho Chi Minh Food Tour - Saigon Food Tour by motorbike

4. Fish pie (Cha ca)

Mother Nature gives us large quantities of seafood, especially various types of fishes. Fish dishes are delicious and good for the health. Vietnamese people love to eat fish and that’s the reason why we have many great fish recipes. Fish pie (Cha ca) is an exotic Vietnamese food, which can be eaten with steamed rice, rice noodles or used as fillings of the famous Vietnamese sandwich (Banh mi) or topping of rice noodle soup such as Nha Trang rice noodle soup with fish pie. It needs the patience to make fish pie because it takes a long time to grind the fresh fish, season it with black pepper, sugar, salt and deep-fry the processed fish until it turns yellow.

Vietnamese Fish Pie 2

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5. High floor dish (Cao lau)

Cao lau is a tasty specialty in Hoi ancient town in Central Vietnam. The bowl of high floor dish consists of thick rice noodles, pork-rind croutons, bean sprouts, light soup and topped with thinly sliced pork and grilled rice crackers or sprinkled with crispy rice paper. The blend of chewy noodles, crisp greens, crunchy croutons, smoky pork, and refreshing bean sprouts makes a perfect flavor. If you travel to Hoi An, don’t miss the town’s signature dish.

Cao Lau Hoi An - Top 10 Vietnamese foods

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6. Pho

The famous Pho -Vietnam’s national dish must be one of Top 10 Vietnamese foods because it is considered as Vietnamese soul. In our country, people eat Pho at any time of day but primarily at breakfast. Pho is a kind of noodle soup which consists of linguine-shaped rice noodles, beef (or beef ball, beef tendon, chicken) and broth cooked from bone and cinnamon, star aniseed, grilled onion. Pho originated from North Vietnam where they love to eat the noodle soup without vegetables and sauces. In South Vietnam, they serve Pho with anything with many things such as veggies, bean sprouts, and black soybean paste, chili paste, sliced lime, chili, and chopped green onion… It’s a must-eat dish for whom travels to our country.

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup or Pho at Pho Le restaurant tracy - Top 10 Vietnamese foods

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7. Rice noodles with pork pie (Bun cha)

Rice noodles with pork pie is a Hanoi specialty. Now it can be found at food stalls and street kitchens in the country. The pork patties are grilled on charcoal and served with cold rice noodles, assorted veggies, pickled and slightly sweetish sauce. The dish is flavorful and will not disappoint you.

Hanoi Kebab Rice Noodles 1

8. Vietnamese pancake (Banh xeo)

We call this kind of Vietnamese pancake Banh xeo (Sizzling cake) for its sound “sizz” when it’s ready to rip off while being fried in a pan with a lid. Main ingredients for this traditional pancake include rice flour batter, shrimp, sliced or ground pork, bean sprouts. Turmeric powder adds flavor and smell to the cake, it makes the cake yellow and more attractive. We use fingers to eat this tasty food by wrapping it in salad and other Vietnamese vegetables and herbs. Then dip the Banh xeo roll in sweet, sour and spicy fish sauce dip. What’s the next step? Just enjoy the amazingly tasty roll.

Vietnamese Pancake in Central Style at Banh Xeo Tom Nhay Thanh Dieu tracy - Top 10 Vietnamese foods

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9. Vietnamese sandwich (Banh mi)

Banh Mi is famous all over the world and you can find Banh Mi shops in many countries. Banh Mi must be listed as one of Top 10 Vietnamese foods. But there’s nowhere to eat the best food at the place where it originated. The flavor comes from the crispy baguette and perfect blend of greasy pate, sweet and sour pickle daikon and carrot, fresh cucumber and basil, spicy sliced chili and Vietnamese pork pie. Besides, Vietnamese people have created many recipes of Banh mi over the years. Banh mi with fish pie, beef pie, char sew, shredded chicken, pork floss or mixed various ingredient. Banh mi is convenient, cheap and delicious. So that Banh mi stalls are abundant in the streets in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Bread Or Banh Mi

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10. Spring roll

The last food in Top 10 Vietnamese foods is a roll dish – Spring roll. Spring roll is an authentic dish that you should try on your trip to Vietnam. It’s simply to make this Vietnamese roll. Ingredients are rice paper, cold rice noodle, shrimp, pork, crab, different kinds of vegetables… Before wrapping, the cook soaks the rice paper in water so that it becomes sticky and tender enough. Vietnamese people usually eat the roll with black soybean sauce topped with peanuts. I highly recommend this food.

Vietnamese Spring Roll Or Goi Cuon 2

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Foods to taste in Vietnam are enormous and you may wonder which I should sample and where to eat them? A Saigon food tour would be the right choice for you to have a chance to experience how Vietnamese people eat. You also feel like locals while enjoying exotic local foods. Don’t miss Top 10 Vietnamese foods by joining the food tour.

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