Banana blossom salad

Nom hoa chuoi or Banana blossom salad is an authentic Vietnamese dish. Nom hoa chuoi is not only delicious but also healthy. Banana blossom easily found in the countryside of Vietnam is he key soul of this food. It’s a perfect blends of crunchy shredded banana blossom, fresh herbs, flavorful pork/shrimp/chicken, crispy crushed peanuts, sweet and sour dressing. Similar to most of Vietnamese salad, Banana blossom salad is mixed with sweet dressing sour from lemon juice, sugar, salt, chili (optional) and fish sauce. So that the salad isn’t greasy and creamy like salad with mayonnaise or olive oil. One of highlight of this salad is freshness, all of ingredients must be fresh and natural.

Banana blossom – the soul of Nom hoa chuoi

Banana blossom strip is fresh, crunchy and airy

Banana blossom strip is fresh, crunchy and airy

Vietnamese people can make Banana blossom salad with chicken or pork and shrimp. The salad is usually served with steamed rice at home. It’s also a favorite food at weddings, death anniversaries or festivals. We love to put some salad onto crispy and airy Banh phong tom (Vietnamese prawn crackers) and eat.

Chicken congee and Banana blossom salad with chicken are a couple. The cook usually cook Rice congee with whole chicken, then use the well-done chicken to make Banana blossom salad. On cold days, there’s no better than eating hot congee and fresh Banana blossom salad.

Banana blossom salad with chicken

Banana blossom salad with chicken

Although Nom hoa chuoi is a rural dish originated in the countryside, it has been more and more popular in many regions of the country. You can find it easily at restaurants serving traditional Vietnamese foods.

Following is a simple Banana blossom salad recipe:


1 banana blossom: 300g

Chicken: 400g

Sugar, vinegar/lemon juice, fish sauce

Crushed peanuts

Thai basil


  1. Boil chicken:

Wash chicken, put chicken into a pot, add water and ½ teaspoon of salt, cook for 15-20 minutes. Chicken must be well-done but not too tender. Shred chicken into small pieces.

  1. Cut banana blossom into strips:

Peel hard dull-colored tough outer of banana blossom, just use its inner young part. Then use a sharp knife to cut blossom across it into strips. Soak the strips in water with lemon juice/ vinegar so that the strips don’t change color.

  1. Make dressing:

Grind garlic and chili pepper, then mix with 2 teaspoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons of fish sauce, some drop of lemon juice/vinegar.

  1. Mix salad:

Mix banana blossom strips, shredded chicken, dressing well. At last, Top the salad with peanuts and Thai basil.


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