Salad with young bee – a specialty food of Ca Mau

Ca Mau province is considered as “The kingdom of delicious dishes”. Coming to Ca Mau – the southernmost point of Vietnam with the immense sea, mangrove forests, and various natural products. Ca Mau is famous for many specialty foods such as Hot pot with fermented fish, Crab blood pudding, and Salad with young bee – a strange, rare and impressive dish. Hard to find ingredient, amazing taste and an outstanding recipe make the dish unique.Salad with young bee

Bees in U Minh forests in Ca Mau eat nectar on cajuput flowers, its honey is rich-nutrient, tasty and smelling distinctly. Young bees in U Minh forests are bigger, greasier than other of its kind. The healthy and tasty U Minh young bees are used to make young bee wine, cooked a wide range of dishes. However, Salad with young bee is the most famous dish which has become the pride of local people.

Young bees are soaked in boiling water, drained off and stir-fried with deep-fried shallots, fish sauce, pepper, and sugar. The young bees should not be overcooked. Otherwise, they will turn dry and not juicy.

A must ingredient for the dish is banana blossom which is shredded, soaked in vinegar water. Vinegar water plays an important part in preparing the banana blossom. If the cook does not soak shredded banana blossom in vinegar water, banana blossom strips will turn brown, tart and not crunchy. Other herbs such as coriander, Vietnamese basil, garlic chives. Prepare a sweet and sour dressing from fish sauce, sugar, lime juice. Mix the dressing, shredded banana blossom and herbs well. However, the cook should do this step lightly so that the young bees are not crushed. Top the dish with crushed toasted peanuts and decorate with some leaves of herbs or flower made from chili pepper.

Salad with young bee is a dedicate recipe which not all can make it well. If you travel to Ca Mau in Mekong Delta, do not miss a big chance to enjoy the flavorful Salad with young bee cooked by indigenous Ca Mau people.

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