Salad with Green Mango and Dried Snakeskin Gourami

Salad with Green Mango and Dried Snakeskin Gourami is a very famous dish in Can Tho province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Salad with Green Mango and Dried Snakeskin Gourami is not only delicious but also healthy.  There are two main ingredients which are easy to find in Mekong Delta: Tuong green mango and dried snakeskin gourami. Green mango is always in gardens of families, dried snakeskin gourami is made for storing for a few months. The salad has enough four tastes: sweet, sour, salt, hot. When eating, dinner will find out that mango strips are crunchy, dried snakeskin gourami is crispy and tender at the same time. Its smell is so attractive that no one can refuse it.

Ripe mango is favorite of many people in around the world. In Vietnam, they love to eat not only ripe mango but green one. Although green mango is sour, Vietnamese people know how to eat it in perfect ways. For example, they dip pieces of green mango into fermented shrimp paste or a sweet, sour and hot sauce from fish sauce, sugar and chili pepper. Especially, it is a good idea to make salad from green mango.

Snakeskin gourami is very popular in Mekong Delta, it is a favorite of locals. People in Mekong Delta usually choose fresh big fishes to make “Kho Ca” (“Vietnamese Dried Fish”) when they are still alive to make sure. They remove scales and guts of these fishes. After that, the fishes are soaked in salt water for about 1 hour, then dry under the sun for one or two day. Dried snakeskin gourami is a little tough and tender at the same time. Locals fry or grill this kind of food to eat with steamed rice or use it to make a tasty salad with green mango.

Firstly, green mango is peeled off, shredded, soaked in a mix of fish sauce, sugar, garlic and chili pepper. As a result, green mango strips are crunchy, a little sweet, sour and salty. Carrot is shredded into julienned strips, Vietnamese mint is coarsely chopped. Dried snakeskin gourami is grilled or fried until pleasant, then shredded into small pieces. All of above are mixed well to make a very delicious salad which wins the hearts of all ages.

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