Salad with banana blossom and Anadara subcrenata

Anadara subcrenata (Sò lông in Vietnamese) is an ark clam in the family Arcidae. It has a white or cream colored, thick, oval shell and superficially resembles a cockle. The left valve is slightly more concave than the right one, and there are 31 to 35 deeply indented ribs. The thin brown periostracum layer that covers the shell flakes off in strands. Its meat is rich in nutrition, tender, crunchy and sweet-tasty so that it has been used to cook a lot of delicious dishes. In Vietnam, they have created many impressive recipes from this clam including stir-fry, grilling, soup, porridge recipes. Coming to Vietnam, it is a big chance to enjoy these exotic dishes including Salad with banana blossom and Anadara subcrenata – one of the food Specialties of Kien Giang.

Salad with banana blossom and Anadara subcrenata

In Kien Giang province of Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, there is a specialty food from this clam – Salad with banana blossom and Anadara subcrenata. This salad is a perfect and strange mix of two key ingredients (banana blossom and Anadara subcrenata) and the Vietnamese traditional dressing.

Soak Anadara subcrenata in water with some chili pepper to remove dirt from them. Then boil the clams with lemongrass until all of the clams open their mouths, get the meat from the shell. Boil pork belly with coconut water, slice the boiled pork thinly. Banana blossom is shredded, soak in a water with some lime juice to keep its original color and crunchiness. Mixed Anadara subcrenata, pork belly, banana blossom with a dressing made from fish sauce, lime juice, garlic, chili pepper.

The dish is topped with some crushed peanuts and served with chopped Vietnamese mint and pickled onion slices. When eating, diners can feel the crunchy banana blossom, the tender but crunchy clam meat, the fatty pork belly, sweet and sour pickled onion, the crunchy peanuts, and Vietnamese mint which has a strong mint flavor. What is better than sitting at a restaurant near the beach, listen to the sounds of waves crashing and enjoy the delicious Salad with banana blossom and Anadara subcrenata in Kien Giang?

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