Green Papaya Salad with Vietnamese Beef Jerky

Vietnamese Beef Jerky Recipe (Thịt Khô Bò) is different from what you find in other country by the marinade, which is typically wetter and contains more sugar. The beef jerky is also often unsmoked. Each bite was tender and packed full of flavors. It was an addictive snack for any Vietnamese people. This sweet and spicy beef is usually used as a condiment, finely shredded and scattered atop salads as a garnish, like the green papaya salad.

Salad With Beef Jerky And Green Papaya

Green Papaya Salad with Vietnamese Beef Jerky – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Green papaya salad is a quintessential street food of Vietnam. When you travel to Saigon, you can see a lot of street stalls serving this quick refreshing snack. Without tables, chairs, people are at curbside munching on their plates of green papaya salad. There are still other versions–papaya salad with shrimp and pork, with dried beef liver. Papaya salad with beef jerky is the most common among street vendors.

Ingredients for Green Papaya Salad with Vietnamese Beef Jerky

– Beef tenderloin: 500gr
– Kingfisher: 4 tubers
– Garlic: 1 bulb
– Sugar: 2 tablespoons eat
– Meal, five-spice powder: 1 bag (about 6-7gr)
– Chili powder or fresh chilli (depending on your interests, if you like spicy, you should use about 5 chilies / 500gr)
– Oil trench: 3 tablespoons eat
– Salt: 1 teaspoon


Step 1: Thai beef into thin slices about 3-4mm, long grain, the big.

Step 2: Shred lemongrass, garlic, peppers.

Step 3: Let marinate the beef in all the spices, then to prevent cool for approximately 8 hours.

Step 4: Add all the meat and marinade from the meat to the pot secreted simmer, covered region. Some of you remember flipping the meat surface. Boil until the water runs off the kitchen (about 20 minutes). At this stage you can sample spicy meat had enough yet? Without sugar or salt you should add immediately.

Step 5: Let the meat out of the pot, let cool down and then use a knife or baseball slowly until soft, then tear or to natural fiber pieces, depending on preference.

Step 6: Let the meat on baking tray, air dried at 110 degrees C, every 10 minutes stirring once you again until achieving the desired dry (drying her about 30 minutes).

If you do not have an oven, you can give the meat to the pan clean, low heat until the island on dry meat.

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