Green Bean sweet soup with fried seaweed

One of popular Vietnamese dessert recipes is Green Bean sweet soup with fried seaweed. Green Bean is really good and fresh. If you combine with fried seaweed when cooking, it is really a delicious dessert. When your body feels hot, especially in summer or some acne appears on your face, this sweet soup is the best choice to release all those bad things.Saigon Food Tour


-200 gr Green Beans including cover

-A pinch of Seaweed

-100gr White Sugar, 1/2 tsps salt:


Before a night,wash and soak the green beans in water, pick up all bad quality beans. After that, you soak green beans with ½ tsps salt in cold water. This is one of my secret family about Vietnamese Dessert Recipes.

During this time, wash and rinse the seaweed. Soak in water. Set aside, waiting for blooming.

Next day, in a large pot, combine the water and green beans. put all green beans into a pot and pour the water when it reaches the surface of beans. Bring to a boil and cook on high heat for 30 mins-all beans softly. Reduce to medium heat and simmer for an hour. If the water is nearly out, remember pour more water into pot.

After an hour, when green beans becomes softly, pour sugar into the mixture.

Quickly, pour all seaweed into the mixture, stir frequently till seaweed stick to beans. Cooking until it boils again and you turn off the heat. Do not cook too long, it can make the seaweed is crispy no more. Put into the fridge when sweet soup is not hot anymore.

Serve hot, at room temperature, or cold. This sweet soup is delicious no matter which way it is served.

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