Corn sweet soup in Hen Island

Hen Island (Cồn Hến, Con Hen) in Hue is famous for the best baby clams and dishes from baby clams such as Baby clam rice. Con Hen is also well-known for the outstandingly delicious Corn sweet soup (Chè bắp cồn Hến) which is made from corns grown in the island. They grow corns all year round except for 3 months in the flood season. Corns which are grown in Con Hen are plumpy, smelling, greasy, sticky thanks to alluvial which the flood brings to the fields every year. Local people have created a delicious but simple dessert from the corns. They open street food stalls along the rivers and serve this food to local, visitors, and travelers. Corn sweet soup in Hen Island has been one of the most beautiful memories of any Hue people.

Although Corn sweet soup in Hen Island is simple, it has won the hearts of most people. Main ingredients for this sweet soup are corn. The corns should not too old not too young. After peeling, use a sharp knife to slice the corn seeds from the cob. The cobs are not thrown away but used to cook the broth. Cook the sliced corn, the broth for 1 hour so that the sweet soup thicken and the corns are cooked thoroughly. Add sugar and stir well. The amount of sugar should be enough so that the food is not too sweet. Finally, serve the dessert with coconut milk. In comparison to other Vietnamese sweet soups including the ones made from corn, Corn sweet soup in Hen Island is rather simple and easy to cook. However, it is simple but delicate and elegant. The smelling, greasy, sticky, sweet corns, the greasy coconut milk mix perfectly. The dessert is not only good-tasty but also nice-looking with the bright yellow corn and white coconut milk.

If you have a chance to visit Hue, do not miss a trip to Hen Island. There you will have a chance to enjoy a bowl of  Corn sweet soup in Hen Island while looking over cornfields in the wind and immense rivers.

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