Young Coconut Jelly.

Hot summer weather always makes the dish refreshing become “hyper,” more than ever before, including jelly is one of the dishes was much loved using especially the baby to hit tan the summer heat. Instead of having to buy jelly outside stores is expensive and does not guarantee the quality of why you do not manually make this dish for the whole family to enjoy with guidelines do delicious coconut jelly jelly cool summer.

Young Coconut Jelly In Vietnam

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Okay, before you plunge into the recipes, you need to know how to get through the thick husk of the coconut to get to its contents. There are a few ways to open a coconut. It could be daunting and even scary for the first-timer but once you got the hang of it, subsequent attempts should be just routine.

Coconuts In Vietnam

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Use the heel of the cleaver knife to hack the top of the coconut (going in a circle) in as many times as necessary so that a circular opening is created. Use the blunt side of the cleaver to pry open and remove the top, pour out the coconut water into a big bowl first to catch any accidental drips before transferring it into a measuring cup, and spoon out the flesh into another bowl.

3 coconut
Coconut cream package: 1 package types 10g; You can buy young coconut flesh in tins from Asian grocers.
Agar powder: 1 package types 25g
Sugar: 100g
Fresh milk with sugar: 10ml
Vani: 1 tube
Mold making jelly if you need

Coconut: tonic water and grated coconut pulp to separate into long strands.
Coconut cream package: Stirring melted with a little cold water.
Mix agar powder with sugar


Fresh coconut water mixed with 200ml cold water, bring to boil on the stove and place the flour mixture into the sugar jelly, continue to boil until the sugar and jelly dissolves into the water and then turn off the heat.

Ladle half the amount of water in a casserole pot to another, in this section you add water jelly coconut tan stirred with cold water and fresh milk to boil on the stove and seasoning to taste, you can add sugar preferences and turn off the stove off.

The remaining portion a question, you give 2 vanilla and a little coconut tube yet, and then for about 10 minutes to remove hot jelly, you spilled the jelly molds but only at half mold pouring whiff.

you can check by using a toothpick hit that saw jelly without adhesive into the bathroom, you also can use your hands to try, if you are touching the jelly layer remains intact as seaweed was crowded and know.
You continue gently pour part jelly coconut milk and mixed milk on top, so until this layer condenses

Above are guidelines make delicious jelly coconut jelly cool summer so simple that you can manually perform at home for the whole family to enjoy the cool sweet dish, this delicious. Moreover, the combination adding a little fruit and a beautifully furnished, you can also take this coconut jelly dishes on the dessert menu.

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