Chinese Desserts – Sweet soup in Saigon

 1. Ching bo leung or Sam bo luong

Vietnamese Sweet Soup

Ching bo leung is one of the most favorite delicious Chinese sweet soup in Saigon. Served cold with ice, refreshing Ching bo leung is the best choice to eat and beat the heat on summer days. It’s cooked from Chinese dried apples, dried seaweed strips, lotus root, water chestnut, dried longan, Job’s tears and rock sugar. All of healthy and delicious ingredients make a perfect dessert.

2. Khuc bach sweet gruel or Che khuc bach

Vietnamese Sweet Soup

Similar to a Chinese dessert, Vietnamese Khuc bach sweet gruel is a cold dessert with cheese jelly cubes, almond slices, lychee, ice and syrup. Cheese jelly is made from gelatin, milk, whipping and food colors so that cheese jelly cubes are soft and chewy. Crispy almond slices and juicy, sweet lychee flesh add extra flavor to the sweet soup. Fresh fruit cubes of dragon fruit, strawberry could be added. Cooked from sugar and pomelo blossom essential oil, the syrup is fragrant and light sweet. Although Che khuc bach has just appeared, it has won the heart of all ages in Saigon and other regions of Vietnam. Just try and feel its taste.

3. Sweet soup in Saigon with tea and egg or Che tra hot ga

Sweet Soup With Egg And Tea

Can you imagine that egg, tea and sugar can be used to make a flavorful dish? In Saigon, Chinese people have cooked and sold a special sweet soup from egg and tea which could satisfy strictest dinners. Good eggs are cooked in water with high quality tea in strainer for about 2 hours. Then the eggs are peeled and put back to the pot with tea and sugar, cooked for 15 minutes. Che tra hot ga is brown, smelling, tasty and good for health. It can be served hot or cold with ice.

4. Sweet soup in Saigon with stewed papaya or Che du du tiem

Sweet Soup With Stewed Papaya

Papaya trees are grown popularly in Vietnam, it’s used to cook savory soup with chicken and pork. Chinese people in Saigon use papaya to cook a kind of refreshing sweet soup. Papaya, snow fungus and Chinese dried apple are stewed until being tender. A little of rock sugar is add to make the soup tastier. The sweet soup can be served hot or cold with some ice and into a bowl. Tender papaya and apple, crunchy snow fungus and light sweet taste of Che du du tiem could make you love it at your first bite.

5. Rainbow cocktail or Che cocktail 7 mau

Rainbow Cocktail Sweet Soup

Ingredients of Rainbow cocktail are pineapple, lychee, water chestnut, Chinese dried apple, papaya. This kind of dessert is sour and sweet, refreshing and delicious.

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