Enjoy silkie steamed with coconut juice and chili in Ben Tre

If you have a chance to visit Ben Tre Province in the Mekong Delta, you should try a dish of silkie steamed with coconut juice and chili.

Ben Tre is known for coconuts and silkies that are raised right in the garden or farm around the province. That makes us ask why we don’t combine them together to create a new dish for gourmets.

In order to make a good dish of silkie steamed with coconut juice, the ingredients must be chosen very carefully. The coconut should not be too old or too young because the young one has sour juice while juice in the old one usually tastes too pungent. The same way is applied for choosing silkie: the small black chicken should be grown up enough and weigh around 300 grams because the meat of young chicken is too soft and that of old chicken is too tough,

After being processed, the chicken will be put into a coconut, of which its top is removed and the removed part is kept for use as the lid, along with chilies and spices.

The whole coconut will be cooked in a bain-marie for around one hour.

When the dish is almost done, the smell is fantastic. The chicken is sweet, soft and greasy thanks to coconut while the chili helps stimulate the appetite. The dish tastes much better when it is used with salt, black pepper and lime or kumquat juice.

Steamed Black Chicken With Chinese Herbs Or Ga Ac Tiem Thuoc Bac

It is so simple, is it? And this is the achievement.

Health Benefits of silkie steamed with coconut juice and chili in Ben Tre

When you are sick, many people will recommend chicken soup. Have you ever wondered where the belief in the medicinal value of chicken meat came from? It’s believed to have roots in the White Silkie chicken. Soup made from the White Silkie chicken is said to be particularly helpful for women’s health during their pregnancy. In some cultures, women are encouraged to have chicken soup daily for a month after giving birth.

You’ll still find these same uses today – right down to the bones being dried, crushed and put into pill form.

Now, you wonder – why? Why the importance? Well, it’s simple enough – that blackness that is in the skin, the meat, the organs, and the very bones. Researchers in poultry breeding and genetics have discovered that the unusual pigmentation in the black-bone chicken breed-in the skin, bones, connective tissues, muscles and tendons, and some other internal parts–is due to the combination of two genes

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In recent years, foods with black or dark colors have been recognized as a health food with medicinal effects. Japanese scientists discovered that black-colored food is rich, not only in antioxidants that prevent cancer, heart diseases and menopause, but are also loaded with isoflavones, minerals and anthocyanins. Scientists from the University of Georgia have proven that these foods are indeed very beneficial for the kidneys.

Chicken in general provides a significant amount of niacin, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals – the healthier the chicken eats, the healthier it will be for you to eat. Research suggests that black chicken offers higher levels of iron and nutrients usually present in regular chicken in addition to a lower fat content.

Notable data on the White Silkie comes from researchers in China who report that the meat from the White Silkie chicken is higher in carnosine than typical chicken meat. Carnosine is used as a dietary supplement to ‘protect against aging.’ It has also been shown to alleviate diseases such as autism and diabetes. Carnosine can also prevent atherosclerosis, joint inflammation, and Alzheimer’s. Researchers in Europe discovered that using the eggs from the White Silkie chicken can also have health benefits. The White Silkie eggs were found to be lower in cholesterol and higher in unsaturated fatty acids than regular chicken eggs. There are reports that these eggs are able to treat severe headaches, headaches that develop after giving birth, asthma, and kidney problems. Some believe that meat from the White Silkie chicken is more effective than viagra.

You can taste it in our Saigon food tour.

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