Vietnamese Fish Pie

Vietnamese Fish Pie

Mother Nature gives Vietnam a lots of fishes which play an important role in the country’s cuisine for good health and great taste. Made from fish meat, Fish Pie or Cha Ca is a favorite food in Vietnam. There are many kinds of fishes (featherback fish, basa fish, king mackerel fish, tilapia fish, trout fish…) which could be used to make Fish Pie. Fish meat is ground or cut fine, then mixed with herbs (dill is the most popular herb used to mix with fish meat), black pepper, chili. The mix is mold into small balls or round/cylindrical pie and fried or steamed until it turns yellow in color and flagrant in smell. Stick of crunchy and smelling Vietnamese Fish Pie is a addictive snack eaten with tomato sauce and chili sauce. It’s also served with steamed rice or rice noodles and fish sauce. Vietnamese Fish Pie is main ingredient of many famous specialty noodle soups such as Rice Noodle Soup with Fish Pie, Soup Cake with Fish Pie. It’s could be used to fill famous Vietnamese Bread.

Vietnamese Fried Fish Pie

Round Vietnamese Fish Pie is fried until it turns yellow and crispy

Vietnamese Fish Pie

Cylindrical Vietnamese Fish Pie

Vietnamese Fish Pie 2

Vietnamese Fried Fish Pie is cut into pieces, served with steamed rice or rice noodles and fish sauce

Noodle Soup with Fish Pie

Rice Noodle Soup with Fish Pie in Danang


Rice Noodle Soup with Vietnamese Fish Pie in Nha Trang

Soup Cake with Vietnamese Fish Pie in Nha Trang

La Vong Fish Pie is a specialty food famous around Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. Topped with boiling lard oil, La Vong fish pie is served hot with rice noodles, fermented shrimp paste, toasted peanuts and herbs (coriander, dill, basil, green onion’s root ends soaked in vinegar). La Vong Fish Pie is usually made from crystal-eye catfish, “anh vu” fish in Bach Hac river. It takes a long time to remove fish meat from bones. Fish meat is cut into cubes and marinated with galangal juice, turmeric, rice frement, pepper and fish sauce for 2 hours. After being grilled on charcoal, fish pie is put into a boiling lard oil in a pan. Dill and green onion are also put into the pan after that. La Vong Fish Pie can spread its smell around a large room. Fermented fish paste is mixed with lemon juice, “ca cuong” extract oil, wine, oil and sugar, then beaten until foamy.

La Vong Grilled Fish Pies Or Cha Ca La Vong In Vietnam

La Vong Fish Pie – an exotic food in Hanoi


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