Balls in Vietnamese Cuisine

Pork balls, crab balls, fish balls, beef balls… are favorite of Vietnamese people. Most of balls are has smooth, compact texture and unbelievable flavorsWe usually serve noodle soup with these balls. If you have chance to visit Vietnam, do not miss authentic Vietnamese cuisine with balls.

1. Beef balls

Pho with Beef balls

Beef ball is one of the most popular and favorite food in Vietnam. Beef balls enrich flavor of Pho which is one of the best Vietnamese cuisine (Vietnamese beef noodle soup). Dinners can choose a bowl of Pho topped with sliced well-done flank or brisket, sliced rare tenderloin, eye of round, ribeye or beef ball or combination toppings.

Beef balls are also served with Clear rice noodle soup, Hue beef noodle soup, hot pot. Grilled beef balls on sticks are also favorite food at BBQ stalls in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Cuisine

Hue beef noodle soup with Beef balls

Vietnamese Cuisine

Clear rice noodle soup with Beef balls

2. Fish balls

Mother Nature gives Vietnam lots of fresh water fishes and saltwater fishes which are good ingredients to make crunchy fish balls. They can be eaten on their own, fried, boiled, with noodles, in curry, in hot pots, on skewers, barbecued or any way you want. In Vietnam, fish balls are usually served with hotpot, Rice noodle soup with fish balls. Curried fish ball is a favorite dish in Vietnam and worth a taste.

Vietnamese Cuisine

Curried fish ball

3. Pork balls

Pork balls are popular in the world. In Vietnam, we have a famous pork balls which I would like to introduce – “Moc”. They mix minced pork, wood ear and black pepper and make “Moc” balls from the mix. Rice noodle soup with Moc is a worth tasting food in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Cuisine

Rice noodle soup with Moc

4. Crab balls

Balls from crab meat is usually served with Hue beef noodle soup, hot pot…

Vietnamese Cuisine

Hue beef noodle soup with crab balls

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