Balls in Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine

Pork balls, crab balls, fish balls, beef balls… are favorite of Vietnamese people. Most of balls are has smooth, compact texture and unbelievable flavors. We usually serve noodle soup with these balls. If you have chance to visit Vietnam, do not miss authentic Vietnamese cuisine with balls. 1. Beef balls Pho with Beef balls Beef ball is one of […]


What to eat at BBQ restaurants in Saigon?

saigon street food tour - BBQ restaurants in Saigon

Gathering at night at BBQ restaurants in Saigon and BBQ stalls to eat grilled dishes, drink some beer and talk about everything around the world has become a part of culture. Most of Vietnamese people prefer grill foods themselves at restaurants/stalls. Marinated foods, charcoal, grill grid, food tong are set on tables so that dinners […]


Saigon coffee with condensed milk

Saigon Coffee - Vot

Saigon coffee with condensed milk or Ca phe sua Coffee with condensed milk has become a Saigon specialty which any tourist would like to try once on their trip to this city. Saigon is full of places where we can try a tasty cup of coffee. The Bloomberg has voted 10 most unique and tasty in the […]


A rainy morning in Ho Chi Minh City

Woke up in early morning in Ho Chi Minh city, I looked out of the window of my hotel and found out that it was raining. I opened the door but I had to close it immediately because the wind was so strong that it blew some papers on the table. It was my second […]


What To Do In Ho Chi Minh City

Notre Dame Cathedral

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is Vietnam’s most lively and action packed city, booming up and developing at a rapid rate. Travel to Saigon you’ll be surrounded by a sea of crazy motorbike traffic, hundreds of street food stalls, and many attractions that will keep you busy and entertained. From French colonial architecture to war […]


Unforgettable Motorbike Ho Chi Minh Fear Factor Food Tour

Do you think your an adventurous palette? How far are you willing to go gastronomically while in Vietnam? Where do you draw the line when it comes to eating food? If you are willing to push the limits, this is the tour for you. On Motorbike Ho CHi Minh Food Fear Factor food tour you will ingest […]


Phở Saigon In The Past

Pho in Saigon

Phở is a special dish with origins in the North Vietnam. It is said that Phở appeared in Saigon in 1951-1952 along with Tally Card Songs theaters (also known as hát ả đào – an ancient genre of chamber music featuring female vocalists), one in Monceau hamlet and one in Dai Dong hamlet. Phở and […]


Butter Fried Quail In Saigon

Butter Fried Quail in Saigon is one of most famous street foods here, which is sold in small rolling metal cart. However the best Butter Fried Quail known by most foodie in Saigon is a small restaurant Co Nam at 56 Dong Nai street, District 10. The restaurant is opened since 5 pm daily and […]