5 Reasons To Choose Motorbike Tour In Ho Chi Minh City

There are various things to do in Ho Chi Minh city that would make you busy: French colonial architecture, modern buildings, old markets, local foods, pubs, Cu Chi tunnels, Mekong Delta… How do you plan your upcoming trip to this stunning city? Which tours would you like to book? A Ho Chi Minh City bus & minivan tour or a Cyclo and cooking class tour? I would like to recommend you to join a Motorbike Tour in Ho Chi Minh city. It’s a type of tour that is different from classic tours. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a Motorbike Tour in Ho Chi Minh city for you and your party.

Number 1 – Zip through Ho Chi Minh city in the best way

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Have you known that Ho Chi Minh City has approximately 3300 kilometers of streets and roads? When you come to the city, you may be surprised by the transportation system with the number of major transports such as cars, motorbikes, buses, trucks, bicycles, cyclos and other vehicles…are crowded on the street. Ho Chi Minh City has a unique traffic pattern in which cars, buses, motorbike and others drive in one lane of the street. Taxi drivers are likely to drive too fast when given the chance. Driving a motorbike is faster because it’s smaller and flexible.

Motorbike is the most popular and efficient way of getting around, and very modest in price compared to other means of transportation. Therefore, a Ho Chi Minh tour by motorbike is fast, cheap, convenient, safe and exciting. Join a motorbike tour, you can explore the city in just a few hours.

Ao Dai Ho Chi Minh Food Tour - Saigon Food Tour by motorbike

Number 2 – See nice view of Ho Chi Minh city on the back of the motorbike

Notre Dame Cathedral In Saigon Tracy 2

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There are many many things to see on Saigon street: beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, lotus bud shaped skyscrapers – Bitexco tower, luxury hotels and restaurants, fashion shops, convenient store, paintings store… What’s more? You will have a chance to see the streets with old trees and motorbike taxi drivers is waiting for customers at a crossroads.  There are hundreds of street food stalls and drink stall on the pavements. You can go by local wet markets which are crowded with people. You also can drive through small back alleys to see elders enjoy coffee at a corner of alleys, children play in small grounds, some men smoke and have leisurely chat. Sitting on a car with an air conditioner, you would miss these real things which make Saigon unique. Let’s cool yourself on the back of a motorbike.

Number 3 – Stop anywhere you want


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While you are weaving through the streets, you may be hungry and want to find something to fill your empty stomach. Just hop off the motorbike and sit at any street food stall to enjoy delicious Vietnamese dishes. If you are on a car, you have to drive around to find a luxury restaurant with parking lot. How amazing it is to stop anywhere you want on a trip around the city! You are free to stop to see, smell, touch, eat, buy, or simply relax.


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Number 4 – Explore a vast of narrow alleys

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There’s no better place to learn more about Saigon life than in the web of narrow alleyways – sometimes no more than a few feet wide.  Alleys are home of the majority of Saigon people. Getting lost on foot in the extensive network of alleys, you will contact with friendly locals, great street food, intriguing architecture, fruit markets, pagodas, hidden cafes… There you can smell all sorts of cooking scents the air, the perfume of washing detergent from laundry. There you can see children play, families cook, eat and drink together in ground-floor rooms with the doors wide open.

Number 5 – Enjoy exotic Saigon street food

Tan Dinh Market In Saigon Tracy 1

Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Saigon is a paradise of street foods as you can see the city that is full with street food stalls at any time. The list of street foods in Ho Chi Minh city is seemingly endless. Besides the famous Vietnamese sandwich and Pho, we also have various savory noodle soup, amazing desserts and addicting snacks. In the morning you can sit on a plastic chair enjoy broken rice with grilled pork on the pavement and drink iced coffee in the park. In the evening you can eat snail dish and drink some beer at a snail stall. Saigon people drive motorbikes, eat and drink right on the streets or at hidden corners of alleys. Let’s try driving around and enjoy Saigon street foods, you will never regret.

Traveling in Ho Chi Minh city by motorcycle is an interesting thing which you have to do in Vietnam. Don’t miss the chance to experience the best of Saigon, focus on its minutiae!

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