In Saigon, a cafe for bird lovers

Want to escape the noisy city? Let’s have some hours in a natural place, see the birds, listen to bird songs and totally refresh. The small narrow cafe with many birds has attracted locals and tourists in Ho Chi Minh city. Located at 179 Tran Huy Lieu street, District Phu Nhuan), PetMe cafe is a good place to spend your time.

What’s special about the cafe? You may be surprised at cockatoos, colored parrots, tiny parakeets and others. Some are rare species, which may cost up to 2500USD. It’s great to interact with the birds while sipping coffee. The owner of the cafe Nguyen Ba Le, who was a designer, told us that he want to do something new by making a place for bird lovers.

There are  many types of South American parrots with different sizes and colors, including children. The parrots are well trained to play with diners, most of them are dynamic, friendly. They often beg and lime customers or fly to their tables, stand on their hands.

I have some photos of PetMet  and would like to share to anyone interested in this special cafe.


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