Vietnamese Coffee and The Best Cafes in Saigon

The French Jesuits introduced coffee to Vietnam in the 1870s and establishing coffee plantations in Dak Lak province in Central Highlands of the country. With dark, rich, full-bodied Robusta coffee beans, Vietnam is now the second largest coffee exporter after Brazil. With condensed and high caffeine content, Vietnamese coffee has more authentic, subtle, and charming taste than instant coffee or what is brewed by automatic makers, or filtered by paper.

Made from Vietnamese grown dark roast coffee beans, firstly the coffee is brewed in a small metal drip filter. Sometimes the coffee is pre-made to save time Then it is served hot in a small sip by sip due to its strong flavor. Small stools and sugar are placed on the sidewalk for customers to help themselves with the coffee. It’s great to feel the bitter and distinct aroma of coffee. This drink is called Ca Phe Den Nong (Hot Black Coffee), which is a favorite of Saigon people in early morning. When it becomes hot in the afternoon, a glass of Iced Coffee (Ca Phe Da) is a better choice to refresh. It makes a fabulous quintessentially Vietnamese beverage, especially in a hot summer day. Need a sweet things, buyer can ask to add sweetened condensed milk into the coffee that locals call Ca Phe Sua Da (Iced Milk Coffee). The Bloomberg has voted 10 most unique and tasty in the world, including Vietnamese iced milk coffee said to be tasty and delicious. There’s also yoghurt coffee, and egg coffee, which is a new speciality of Vietnam that allegedly tastes like coffee-custard.

The love of coffee obviously comes naturally to the Vietnamese. In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnamese coffee can be seen sold on literally almost every street at small outdoor shops on the pavements, which are usually run by ladies. So you never have to walk far in the sticky heat for a caffeine hit and coolant. Tiny colourful plastic stools are scattered about the sidewalk or stacked up against a wall, and customers help themselves to a seat while they wait for their coffee.

In case you want to enjoy coffee air-conditioned place for a while, stopping at Trung Nguyen or Highlands Coffee would be a decent choice. They are considered as best coffee in Saigon. In case you want to bring some Vietnamese coffee back to your home? You can pick some up at a nearby supermaket (Lotte, Aeon, BigC or Coopmart), or in markets (Ben Thanh, Binh Tay and local market).

Saigon Coffee

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Coffee With Egg In Saigon

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