Langon floating cafe on a wooden boat in Saigon

Why is Langon floating cafe special?

There are hundreds of cafes in Saigon from modern to classic, from luxury to cheap. In this post, I would like to introduce a special cafe floating on Saigon river. Langon floating cafe is hidden on Tran Xuan Soan Street in far District 8. The Tran Xuan Soan Street is full of slums along the river and it’s an experience to learn more about Saigon real life which you couldn’t see in beautiful District 1 with Ben Thanh market, lots of 5-star hotels and restaurants.

The cafe is on a 2-floor old wooden floating boat with glass window. It’s interesting to sit on a boat bobbed in the middle of the river. The boat is decorated with plant basins which make customer relaxing. The drinks were really good so that you would like to come back. The items of furniture are old but the wooden style makes you feel comfortable and calm to sit, drink and chat leisurely with your lover or friends.

Some photos of Langon floating cafe

the boarding name of Langon floating cafe in saigon

The strange name board made from old steel sugar cane juice stall in front of the cafe. There is a small wooden bridge connecting the pavement to the boat.

floating cafe on a wooden boat in saigon

How about drinking coffee on this old wooden boat? It has 2 floors and a nice rooftop and you can choose a favorite place to sit.

coffee served at Langon floating cafe in saigon

Tables and chairs made from coconut trees and old leather

a corner at Langon floating cafe in saigon

A corner decorated with an old white chair, an orange float at the floating cafe

beautiful flowers at Langon floating cafe in saigon

A table is decorated with vintage flowers. I love these lovely flowers which are in white and purple colors.

memorial photo at Langon floating cafe in saigon

The wooden wall with memorable photos of guests at the floating cafe

view from Langon floating cafe in saigon

Nice view from the boat

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