Top Drinks In Ho Chi Minh City

Top Drinks In Ho Chi Minh City

Top Drinks on Saigon Street

Anyone who has been in Ho Chi Minh city (or Saigon) must never forget the extremely hot summer. There are many ways to beat the scorching on these days. The best way is grabbing a cool drink on Saigon street. Which drink would you like to drink to quench your thirst in Saigon? The following is Top Drinks in Ho Chi Minh city, which has become an important and special part of Saigon cuisine.

At any street corner in Saigon, in convenience stores, small rolling carts on the streets or small stalls on pavement, you can easily get something to drink .Bottled drinks are arranged in glass-cases, on wooden and metal shelves or plastic tables. Street vendors use a foam box to keep many bottled drinks cool.

Drinking Stall On Saigon Street Tracy

Saigon streets are full of small drink stalls with different kinds of beverages – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Although these stalls look temporary, their business is quite good. In hot summer, Saigon people need to quench their thirst with something that’s cool and refreshing. Mineral water, iced tea, Coca cola, coconut water, sugar cane juice, herbal tea… are favorite drinks and are sold popularly in Saigon.

1. Sarsi

Sarsi is number one bottled drink in Saigon. Sarsi is similar to root beer, originally made from the smilax regelii plant and has a special flavor. This can be consider one of the most long standing and unique drink in Saigon. Sarsi appeared in Saigon in about 1975 with names “Tiger Sarsi” (Xá Xị Con Cọp) and “Deer Sarsi” (Xá Xị Con Dê). Since then, it has become more and more popular among Saigon people. From elders to children, everybody loves to drink this amazing drink. Popular brands of Sarsi are Mirinda and Tribeco. The most popular brand is Chuong Duong Sarsi.  Many people from other regions of Vietnam and foreign visitors have tried this drink. Some have said that it made them feel fantastic while others have said that it was hard to drink.

Sarsi Drink In Saigon

Sarsi – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

2. Fresh coconut water

Fresh coconut water is one of the most popular drinks in this tropical country and one of top drinks in Ho Chi Minh city. Mekong Delta is considered “coconut kingdom” and fresh coconuts are transferred from there to Ho Chi Minh city. 100 percents natural, safe and refreshing coconut water is a perfect choice in a hot afternoon in Saigon. Coconut water doesn’t taste anything like normal water. It tastes like slightly rancid sweat. Adding other ingredients to fresh coconut water, we create new drinks which are really tasty. Popular ingredients are kumquat and pineapple jam.

drinking coconut in saigon vietnam

Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

3. Chinese detox and refreshing drink

Chinese people believe being hot isn’t good for the health. So that they has created many recipes of drinks that help to detoxify the human body. This kind of drink is black and served in a small bowl. It’s a little bitter so that some people couldn’t drink it. Chinese detox and refreshing drink could be found easily at drink stalls in China Town area (Cholon) in District 5.

Chinese Herbal Tea

A small bowl of Chinese detox drink – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

4. Chinese herbal teas

These kinds of Chinese drinks are delicious and healthy. They are great choices to counter body headiness. Herbal tea is cooked from many natural ingredients: dried sugar cane, lemon root, corn silk, pandanus, plantago, siraitia grosvenorii, rock sugar and corn silk…

After cooking all ingredients with water in a pot for a few hours, we will receive light sweet and delicious herbal tea. On Saigon streets you can easily find metal rolling carts that sell iced herbal teas with cheap price.

5. Iced tea
Iced tea is an extremely cheap drink. It is the most popular drink among Saigon people. In Saigon everybody drinks iced tea. It’s sold in every drink stall and served in every street food stall or restaurant. Whatever you eat, you can drink a glass of iced tea with it.

Iced Tea

A glass of iced tea in Saigon

Smoothie and juice

Smoothie and juice are made from fresh fruits are very healthy and delicious. Smoothies and juice couldn’t be missed in the list of top drinks in Ho Chi Minh city. Tomato, carrot, cherry, apple, papaya, mango, pineapple, apple, water melon, grapefruit.. are used to make savory drinks. There is a vast of smoothie and juice stalls on Saigon streets.


Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Sugar cane juice

Sugar cane juice is one of the oldest drink in Saigon. Sugar cane juice is consumed popularly in Saigon due to its known health benefits, cheap price and fantastic flavor. Not only does it give you that instant boost of energy, but if drunk when cold, it helps cool down the body during the harsh summers.

Many years ago, vendors used hand cane crusher to get juice from sugar cane. The image has stayed in minds of many generations of Saigon people.

Iced Sugarcane Juice

Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

There has been movement to selling sugar cane-juice in white foam cups and it’s got a cumquat juice taste as commonly seen in Vietnam today. People also add lime juice, durian, strawberry, apple…to make the drink tastier.

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