Fresh Sugar Cane Juice In Vietnam

Sugarcane’s sweetness is potent, surprisingly vegetal, but never cloying, and the flavors become even more accentuated once turned into juice. Sugar cane juice is a semi-sweet, tropical, refreshing drink. It’s a perfect choice in hot summer of Ho Chi Minh city. The froth is irresistable. Local people know sugar-cane juice as a natural beverage that’s delicious and cheap with really musty and tropical flavor. The prices range between 6,000 and 15,000 VND. Therefore, sugar-cane juice is so popular in Vietnam and is easily obtained by grinding cane stalks alongside other popular beverages.

Iced Sugar cane Juice

A glass of iced sugarcane juice can help to beat the heat and boost your energy.

Is Sugar cane juice good for your health?

Sugarcane juice contains fructose and glucose, several amino acids, many minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, thiamin, riboflavin. It contains no cholesterol and fat.

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Where to drink sugar cane juice in Vietnam?

Sugar cane vendors advertise their wares openly, with a bucket of sugar cane stalks in front of their stalls. The juice is served from distinctive metal carts with a machine which brings out a sweet juice. You can find drinkd stalls with signs on which written “Nước Mía”.

Sugar cane juice stall in Vietnam

Nhat Duy sugarcane juice stall in Saigon.

How to extract sugar cane juice?

Firstly, they must peel sugar cane stalks and cut them into 0.5 m segments. Then they use a manual or electric sugarcane juice machine to extract the juice from the sugar canes. The sugar cane segments are put between the machine’s two opposite rotating rollers. The maker should operate the press using a hand wheel on the side if it is a manual machine. Or he should push the start button of the electric machine. Sugar cane segments go through the rollers and are located on the outlet. Get the segments and put them between the rollers again. Repeat the step until no juice remains. Place kumquat in sugarcanes before the juice is going to be drained out of the bagasse (bã mía). The juice is extracted from sugar cane and grinding residues which constitute a kind of fibers are thrown into a wooden crate.

Sugar cane bagasse In Vietnam

Sugarcane bagasse.

How to serve?

Traditionally, the sugarcane juice is usually then mixed with the juice of kumquat – a tiny sour citrus fruit that smells like mandarin. In recent, they also add some extras such as durian and mung bean to the sugar cane juice to make it more tasty.

Previously, sugar-cane juice was sold in small plastic bags filled with ice and tied at the open end with an elastic band around a straw. Buyers could then suck the drink out through the straw.

How to make iced sugarcane juice in Vietnam? Video by Scooter Saigon Tour

Moreover, at the present, sugarcane juice in with many flavors becomes a high-class beverage in Vietnam and are on menus of luxury cafés and restaurants. If you come to Vietnam, give it a try and you can feel free to enjoy a glass of sugarcane juice (considered the second best drink in the world after the orange juice) and you don’t have to worry whether it meets the standard of food safety or not.

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