Top 5 Refreshing Drinks in Saigon

There are hundreds of cafes and drinks stalls in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) for anyone to stop, drink and relax. Sugarcane Juice with Kumquat Juice, Tea with Kumquat and Honey, Corn Milk, Chinese Herb Tea, Coconut Water with Kumquat Juice are drinks you should try on your trip to Saigon. These drinks are all cheap, healthy and easy to make. But they are favorite drinks of all ages in this city. Just have some drink while looking at people on the streets, you will find out how the city beautiful is. Let’s me tell you about Top 5 Refreshing Drinks in Saigon.

1. Iced Sugarcane Juice with Kumquat Juice

Iced Sugarcane Juice

A refreshing iced sugarcane juice – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

How to make sugarcane juice in Vietnam? – Video by Scooter Saigon Tour

Iced Sugarcane Juice with Kumquat Juice is one of the most popular and cheapest drinks on Saigon streets. Just putting some ice into sugarcane juice with a half kumquat or kumquat juice, Saigon people have created the best drink ever. The drink with kumquat juice has very sweet and a little sour taste. It also attracts you with green-yellow color and fresh smell of sugar cane and kumquat. Why not try a glass of this amazing drink on Saigon street? You will feel like locals.

2. Tea with Kumquat and Honey

Tea With Kumquat

Tea with kumquat is a very healthy drink – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

It’s very easy to make this refreshing drink. All the cook need to do is putting the kumquat into a half, putting it into brewed tea, putting a spoon of honey and mix them as well. Lastly, the drink is added some ice and decorated with la bac ha. Iced Tea with Kumquat and Honey is available everywhere on the streets. It will help anyone to beat the hot in the summer. Maybe you can enjoy other drinks similar to this iced tea, but Iced Tea with Kumquat and Honey in Saigon, Vietnam has a different taste.

3. Corn milk

Soy Bean Milk In Vietnam

Soy sauce – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Corn is grown much in Vietnam and becomes ingredients of many delicious foods and drinks. Young corn is ground with water before being cooked for a half of hour. Fresh milk and sugar are added about 2 minutes before the drink is ready. Corn milk is healthy and comfortable to drink so that it’s usually served for breakfast. Corn milk with ice is sold popularly on the streets, in front of schools, universities and offices…

4. Coconut Water with Kumquat Juice

drinking coconut in saigon vietnam

Fresh coconut water – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

You may consider that why kumquat is used to make most of the popular drinks in Saigon. It’s right that sour and smelling kumquat is a perfect choice to mix with sweet juices and make the drinks tastier. Saigon people love to drink coconut water and also the mix of coconut water and kumquat juice. Some prefer coconut water with fresh kumquat juice and some prefer the one with salt-preserved kumquat. We also put shredded coconut meat or slices of young coconut meat into the drink. Of course, Coconut water with Kumquat Juice is served cold. You can easily find this drink around many parks in Saigon.

5. Sam or Chinese Herb Tea

In China Town Saigon, there are a lot of drink stalls which serve Herb Tea with secret recipes. Most of herb tea stalls are owned by Chinese. They have brown or black color and special smell. These teas are considered to be healthy, refreshing and delicious. This drink is a good choice to make you cool.
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