Saigon coffee with condensed milk

Saigon coffee with condensed milk or Ca phe sua

Hot Coffee With Condensed Milk In Saigon

Coffee with condensed milk has become a Saigon specialty which any tourist would like to try once on their trip to this city. Saigon is full of places where we can try a tasty cup of coffee. The Bloomberg has voted 10 most unique and tasty in the world, including Vietnamese iced milk coffee said to be very delicious. This kind of simple drink is suggested by CNN as one of 10 Vietnamese dishes tourists should try.

People in South Vietnam, as well as Saigon, love to eat and drink sweet things, including coffee. Some prefer black coffee, some prefer putting some sugar into black coffee. Sweeten condensed milk appeared in Vietnam during the French colonial period. It became a popular supplement to American soldiers in America-Vietnam war. No one knows when Saigon people start using condensed milk to make Ca phe sua. They use a special stainless steel filter (Phin) to brew drip coffee, the filter is put on glass with some condensed milk so that when the dropping stops they receive a glass of Ca phe sua. The glass with condensed milk layer and brewed drip coffee layer is stirred using a small stainless spoon and ready to drink. Many people like putting some ice into their coffee with condensed milk. We call them iced coffee with condensed milk which is the best choice to boost your energy or beat the heat on hot days in Saigon.

Iced Coffee With Condensed Milk In Saigon

Skill and experience are needed to make coffee using a stainless steel filter. It takes about 10-15 minutes to brew 100g of coffee and some customers are happy to sit around the table, talk to each other and wait for ready coffee. So that Saigon coffee is not only a drink but stories between people, relationships, history and culture.

In Saigon, there are some good Vietnamese coffee shops chains such as Trung Nguyen, Highlands, Phuc Nguyen… where you can enjoy coffee in beautiful, relaxed and modern environment. Other choices are coffee shops on the streets, in hidden alleys, in local parks with cheap price.

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