How Saigon people enjoy coffee?

Coffee is not a drink in Saigon anymore, but a part of the culture. Coffee is not a smelling and delicious drink, but the talk while sipping coffee, the relationship between people who love to drink coffee at the same places. Tourists coming to Saigon usually enjoy coffee at luxury bars, restaurants and cafes on main roads with great service while locals choose for them familiar corners. Old people prefer cafe stalls in local parks, teenagers and students prefer cheap take away coffee bought at moving drink stalls, the old timers only drink coffee at old cafes…

How Saigon people enjoy coffee?

1. Drinking coffee at local park

drinking coffee in Tao Dan park

How Saigon people enjoy coffee?

Peaceful local parks with green trees are ideal places to drink coffee and chat with each other. Old people usually drink some coffee and read newspapers after doing exercises in the morning at a cafe located in the parks. In the evening, local parks are full of people coming to drink coffee under the stars and cool wind.

2. Drinking coffee while listening to bird songs

bird cafe at Tao Dan park - morning saigon food tour by motorbike

How Saigon people enjoy coffee?

Listening to bird songs while drinking coffee is a kind of entertainment in Saigon. Bird lovers can come to Bird Cafe in Tao Dan Park to meet birds’ owners with their beloved birds in cages hung on hangers. What’s more beautiful than spending your morning at a cafe to listen to bird songs, talking about birds and sipping a cup of delicious coffee.

3. Drinking coffee while sitting-plum

Sitting Plump Coffee In Saigon Tracy

How Saigon people enjoy coffee?

Sitting-plum coffee has become a part of Saigon culture because you can see the scene of that people sit-plump in gardens near Notre Dame Cathedral, Turtle Lake, local parks… to drink coffee and eat snacks (fruits, pancakes, mixed rice paper…). These things are bought at moving food and drink stalls which do not provide tables and chairs for their customers.

4. Drinking coffee on boat

floating cafe on a wooden boat in saigon

How Saigon people enjoy coffee?

What do you think about drinking coffee when sitting on old boat floating on Saigon river? It’s totally relaxed because you can feel cool wind from the river and see Saigon from far place.

5. Drinking “Vot” coffee

Vot Coffee On Saigon Motorbike Tour

How Saigon people enjoy coffee?

In Saigon, brewing coffee by a cloth strainer and terracotta pot still exists at hidden old cafes where owners would like to maintain the family tradition. We call this kind of coffee “Vot” coffee. Certainly, it’s more delicious than any coffee made by machine. If visitors have time to visit Saigon, do not miss this special coffee.

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