Butter Fried Quail In Saigon

Butter Fried Quail in Saigon is one of the most famous street foods here, which is sold at a small rolling metal cart. However, the best Butter Fried Quail known by most foodie in Saigon is a small restaurant Co Nam at 56 Dong Nai street, District 10. The prices are as below:

20,000 VND/1 quail, including Vietnamese mint and dipping sauce;

A bread costs 3,000 VND;

A glass of iced sugarcane juice costs 5,0o0 VND;

A portion of pickled green mango costs 12,000 VND;

10 boiled fertilized quail eggs cost 12,000 VND;

A skewer of grilled chicken gizzards costs 10,000 VND;

A boiled fertilized duck egg costs 8,000 VND.

The restaurant opens from 5 PM daily and is always crowded with customers who buy to eat there or at home. The quail will be fried after ordering so that customers have to wait for some minutes.

butter fried quail at Chim Cut Co Nam tracy do

Entering the restaurant, customers will be brought a small bowl of dip to eat with Vietnamese bread at the table. Next, the waiter will bring you a plate of cucumbers,  Vietnamese coriander, pickled vegetables, a mix of salt, pepper and lemon juice. Certainly the last is butter fried quail. The butter fried quail is cooked properly if it looks yellow-brown naturally. The meat is creamy and tender while the head and legs are crispy. Along with Butter Fried Quail, in the menu, there are grilled gizzard and fried organs and beverages. Butter Fried Quail at this restaurant is not only succulent and special but also cheap. The waiters are so friendly and helpful although they have to serve many customers at the same time. So that the place attracts many locals and tourists.

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