5 Oldest Street Food Stalls In Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon is famous for its prominent history going back hundreds of years. Over time, for Saigonese, food is life; they love to eat, they can eat at any time and anywhere. Food is communication – Food is culture. Exists somewhere in Saigon city’s oldest and most popular street stalls. These places hold a special place in many many Saigon people’s early teen heart and memory. Many Saigoneses come to eat their favorite dishes at these long-standing food stalls because nowhere can serve them the dish better than that. Saigoneses who have gone far from the hometown, have come back to see things have been changed and to go back to their childhood’s eating places and can live the dream of going on a date when they were young. Not only the elders but also young people in Ho Chi Minh city also come there to try the taste which lasts for decades and learn more about culture through foods. Here are some oldest Street Stalls In Ho Chi Minh city and their stories.

1. 70-year-old chitterling gruel street stall

Street stall Ba Ut (located at 193 Co Giang Street District 1) is one of oldest Street Stalls In Ho Chi Minh city. It has been a favorite place for neighborhoods and visitors who would like to eat over 80 years chitterling gruel. It has been said that the street stall was started for business a long long time ago. The owner Ba Ut (Mrs. Ut) told us that she inherited the stall from her mother and continued selling the chitterling gruel 60 years ago.

Chitterling Gruel

Chitterling gruel is cooked with rice and bones, then the dish is served with boiled chitterling, blood pudding, intestines, lungs, kidney, heart and stomach. The vendor also brings you special fish sauce dip along with the bowl of chitterling gruel. The secret recipe of street stall Ba Ut has attracted many generations of Saigon people.

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2. 70-year-old sweet soup stall

Over 70 years, sweet soup stall “Nha Den” has passed through 4 generations and served countless of customers. This street food stall is well-known by most Saigon foodies although it is located at a hidden corner in Dong Khanh commercial center (District 5, Ho Chi Minh city).

Sweet Soup With Egg And Tea 2

The fourth-generation owner Ms. Ha told us that the street food stall is twice older than her. Her grandmom and mother told her that life was hard in the past. Life only has become better since the business of the sweet soup stall was started. The stall is impressed by its menu with over 20 kinds of sweet soups. The Chinese style sweet soups here are special and satisfy most grumpy customers.

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3. 68-year-old Hue cake stall


Hue cake stall has been a familiar place of Saigon people who wants to buy Hue cake in Saigon. Bánh Bột Lọc (Rice dumpling cake) and Bánh Nậm are sold on a simple and small table at this street food stall. I’ve been told that the Hue cake is impressive not only because of its special taste but also the way its owner does her business. She only makes a fixed amount of cakes every day although she can make more to sell more for more money. Sometimes when she doesn’t have the charge, she rather doesn’t want to sell. However, most buyers aren’t upset with this because they have fallen in love with the wonderful cakes there.

4. 60-year-old Pho Restaurant

Located on crowded and busy Pauster street of District 1, Pho Minh Restaurant has been serving Pho to Saigon people for over 60 years. Pho Minh is many Saigonese’s favorites for its North-style taste. Come to Pho Minh, elders want to go back to their childhood. Tables and chairs are the same as in the past. There aren’t many tables and chairs so that there is a spacious place for customers to enjoy meals comfortably.

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup Or Pho - Oldest Street Stalls In Ho Chi Minh City

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5. 60-year-old stuffed rice pancake restaurant

The stuffed rice cake restaurant is located at 88 Tran Khac Chan Street, District 1 has been always crowed for over 60 years. Highlights of the stuffed rice cake are clumpy rice pancakes, crispy meat cakes and medium-sweet fish sauce dip.

Vietnamese Stuffed Pancake Or Banh Cuon - Oldest Street Stalls In Ho Chi Minh City

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