Exploring 5 best street food areas in Saigon

Exploring 5 best street food areas in Saigon

Food areas of Ho Chi Minh city travel is always an interesting feature of Saigon culture that any tourist would love to explore if have a chance to visit this amazing city. At these food areas, you not only simply feel the taste, color or smell of the food, but also soak into the bustle and husle of street food stalls.
Travel to Ho Chi Minh city and do not miss these 5 best food areas as follows.

1. Food Area on Van Kiep Street (between Phu Nhuan District and Binh Thanh District)

If you desire to visit a food area where famous street foods were sold like: Pho, Crab Cake Soup, Vietnamese Bread, Sizzling Cake (Vietnamese Pancake), Rice Noodle Soup with Sauce of Macerated Shrimp, Hue Noodle Soup, Vietnamese Vermicelli with Pork Roll, Grilled Meat Balls, Sweet Soup, etc. All the food stalls are located in around a few hundreds of square meters in the food area on Van Kiep Street. This is a stop any foodie shouldn’t miss. A hint for you is Grilled Octopus at Ut Lang Street Stall, which sells delicious Grilled Seafood and Pork with a reasonable price.

Foods On A Stick In Saigon

                 Vietnamese barbecue – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

2. Food Area on Su Van Hanh Street (District 10)

Su Van Hanh Food Area is located near Ngo Gia Tu buildings and Nguyen Chi Thanh buildings, is always crowded and bustle since 5:00 AM every day. There are many types of street foods here but the 2 most well-known is Sizzling Cake (or Vietnamese Pancake) in Central Style and Pan-fried Scrambled Egg Rice Cake. Sizzling Cake in Central Style is a little larger than a human hand. The cook must be experienced so that she can cook a crispy cake which is not oily. A cake with shrimp, meat, vegetable and fish sauce costs only 10,000VND.

Central Vietnamese Pancake Tracy

Vietnamese pancakes in Central style are fried on small flat pans on charcoal stoves – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Afterward, you can head to crossroads of Su Van Hanh Street and Ngo Gia Tu Street to enjoy Vietnamese desserts and traditional cakes: Banana Cake, Honeycomb Cake, Pig Skin Cake, etc. There’s no specialty unless sweet greasy concentrated coconut milk is basted and smelling toasted sesame seeds on them. The prices are reasonable, from 5,000VND to 10,000VND. If you like sweet foods, a tray of 16 kinds of sweet soups will satisfy you.

A tray of desserts at the 80-year-old Khanh Vy dessert stall in Su Van Hanh food area  – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

ho chi minh street food with local sudents

Eating amazing Saigon street foods at cheap eats in Ho Chi Minh City is not easy for expats and travelers. Joining a Saigon Food Tour is a great choice to maximize your budget and your view of the city’s real life and foods.

3. Food Area on Vinh Khanh Street (District 4)

In the past Vinh Khanh Street in District 4 is a gathering place of Saigon mafia. Nowadays it becomes a paradise for foodie, especially snails. Tasting the street foods here, you’ll have a chance to enjoy a free music show performed by street artists who sell candies. The most famous snail stall is Oc Oanh (534 Vinh Khanh Street) with special dish Perfume Snail toasted with salt and pepper and Grilled Scallop with green onion and oil. If seafood isn’t your favorite, the barbecue restaurant Lua (33 Vinh Khanh Street) is the right place with a large amount of choices: beef, pork, goat meat and fish.

The gate of Vinh Khanh Food Area in District 4  – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Eating snail dishes with locals on Vinh Khanh Snail Street – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Roasted sweet snail with salt and chili pepper – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

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4. Food Area on Phan Van Han Street (Binh Thanh District)

Located near the busiest area of District 1, this small and discreet area is the choice of Vietnamese students who want to enjoy cheap foods. At crossroads of Phan Van Han Street and Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, you can try Pan-fried Scrambled Egg Rice Cake, which lasts over 20 years. Moreover, Luong Ky My Gia noodle soup restaurant (1 Huynh Man Dat) on the south of Phan Van Han Street is the place where the most delicious Duck Noodle Soup is sold.

Pan Fried Scrambled Egg Rice Cake Or Bot Chien In Vietnam 2

Pan Fried Scrambled Egg Rice Cake – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

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4. Food Area on Co Giang Street (District 1)

Co Giang food area which is near pack-bag area is for travelers coming to Ho Chi Minh city. At the crossroads of Co Giang Street and De Tham Street, many kinds of Vietnamese and Chinese noodle soups are sold. Enjoy the super succulent Grilled beef in Wild Betel Leaf at Hoa – Bo La Lot & Mo Chai at best price 20.000VND.

Vietnamese Crab Soup

Crab Soup – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

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Travel to Ho Chi Minh City, don’t miss the best street food. The best choice is to book a Ho Chi Minh city food tour by motorbike at night to enjoy our delicious street foods.

Ho Chi Minh Food Tour - Saigon Food Tour by motorbike


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