Set 16 Vietnamese Sweet Soups Attracts Foodies In Saigon

The famous Khanh Vy sweet soup stall lasts past 3 generations. The stall is located on Su Van Hanh street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh city. The stall is crowded with customers from 15:30 when the stall is opened till 23:00 when it’s closed. The friendly and hospitable owner – Ms. Tuyen – shared with us story of this street food stall: “This stall lasts past 3 generations, so that it’s well-known by many people from the youth to elders. In 1975, my grandmother sold a small bowl of Vietnamese sweet soup for 200VND. Now the price is 4,000VND/bowl”.

Talking about the past and history of the stall, it took her mind back to childhood memories. Ms. Tuyen told us that many things had been changed, it had been a long time of doing best effort to cook the best sweet soups and offer best services to customers. There’re many customer buy and bring home to eat with family. In past, we only sold 6 kinds of sweet soups set menu. Ms. Tuyen now sells a set menu included 16 different kinds of delicious sweet soups. Ms. Tuyen said that most customers ordered set menu so that every night she could sell 1,000 small bowl of sweet soups. The profit is used for living of family and doing charity work.

Set Of Vietnamese Sweet Soup At Khanh Vy Sweet Soup Stall Saigon

List of sweet soups in menu:

  • “ba ba” sweet soup,
  • “tao xoan” sweet soup,
  • red bean sweet soup,
  • mung bean sweet soup,
  • taro coconut sweet soup,
  • black sesame sweet soup,
  • sticky rice dumplings with caramel,
  • green bean sweet soup,
  • steamed sticky rice with green bean,
  • white bean sweet soup,
  • corn sweet soup,
  • “i” sweet soup,
  • steamed green bean sweet soup,
  • black bean sweet soup,
  • sweet soup with banana and coconut milk,
  • coconut jelly,
  • flan.

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