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What to eat at BBQ restaurants in Saigon?

Gathering at night at BBQ restaurants in Saigon and BBQ stalls to eat grilled dishes, drink some beer and talk about everything around the world has become a part of culture. Most of Vietnamese people prefer grill foods themselves at restaurants/stalls. Marinated foods, charcoal, grill grid, food tong are set on tables so that dinners can cook the foods while eating and drinking. Smell of grilled foods spreads around the restaurants, sound of tableware and people talking, cheering are familiar at restaurants where dinners cook their own foods. Followings are some delicious grilled dishes any foodie shouldn’t miss on his trip to Ho Chi Minh City:

1. Grilled shrimp with salt and chili

Grilled Shrimp In Vietnam Or Tom Nuong

Freshness is one of highlights of Grilled shrimp with salt and chili. Fresh shrimp is chosen carefully, marinated with ground garlic, chili, black pepper, salt, sugar, lemon juice and oil for about 30 minutes. The shrimp is big enough to stick one shrimp on one skewer. Then it’s served so that dinners can grill the skewers themselves. Ready shrimps have fragrant smell, orange color, crispy shell and tender meat. They must be eaten hot. This amazing dish is better to eat with vegetables such as salad, cucumber, tomato, herbs and chili, sweet and sour fish sauce dip. Healthy and delicious Grilled shrimp with salt and chili is the most favorite dish ordered at BBQ restaurants in Saigon.


2. Grilled wild boar

Vietnamese Barbecue Saigon Food Tour By Motorbike 7

Coming to Saigon (Vietnam) is a big chance to enjoy wild boar which is larger than the domestic pig and have stiff grey or reddish-brown fur. They eat all kinds of tubers and roots, vegetables,  fish, snakes, birds and bird eggs… Wild boar’s meat is delicious, a little crunchy, less greasy and fatty. The most popular methods to cook wild boar are grilling with galingale and fermented cold rice, grilling with galingale, lemongrass, turmeric.

3. Grilled frog with salt and chili

Grilled Frog And Shrimp In Vietnam

Frog dishes are favorite of many Vietnamese people because its meat less greasy than meat and good for health. At BBQ restaurants in Saigon, frogs with skin is marinated with black pepper, shallots, chili and lemongrass. They are served to be grilled on charcoal, dinners must remove the skin before eating. Grilled frog with salt and chili is usually eaten with herbs including Vietnamese mint, mix of salt, pepper and lemon/kumquat juice.

4. Grilled goat breast with Vietnamese fermented tofu

Grilled Goat Breast In Vietnam

Vietnamese Barbecue Saigon Food Tour By Motorbike 5

Dishes from goat breast maybe strange to tourists from many countries. Goat breast is crunchy and tender, smelling after being grilled. In Vietnam, Grilled goat breast with Vietnamese soya cheese has won the hearts of all ages. Fermented tofu add special taste and smell to the dish, which is considered as the specialty of Vietnam. Grilled goat breast with Vietnamese soya cheese and Grilled okra are a good couple at BBQ restaurants in Saigon.

5. Grilled octopus with satay


Grilled Octopus

Grilled Octopus In Vietnam

Octopus is marinated with honey and satay before being grilled and served with mix of salt, black pepper, lemon juice or chili, basil. Octopus is usually served whole so that dinners can grill it easily, then it should be cut into pieces using a pair of scissors to eat.

6. Grilled minced shrimp on sugar canes or Chao tom

Grilled Minced Prawn On Sugar Canes In Vietnam

Mix of ground shrimps and spices are molded on sugarcane skewers. When grilling, shrimp on sugarcane skewers smell fragrant. Being tender inside, crispy outside, Chao tom is a specialty which is worth trying in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh city (or Saigon) is a non-sleeping city. While they may not be as bright and shiny as the city is covered by a new coat. It becomes more and more splendid and elegant with twinkle street lights and traffic lines. Why not experience the buzz of Saigon’s nightlife on the back of a Scooter with our Saigon Street Food Tour By Night on Motorbike?

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