Delicious Vietnamese Foods from Banana

Banana is not only a delicious but also healthy fruits. In Vietnam, banana is eaten as fruits and used to cook enormous yummy desserts. Followings are top Vietnamese foods from banana, that people often enjoy in Vietnam.

Delicious Vietnamese Foods from Banana

1. Fried banana cake

Fried banana cake

Fried banana cake has crispy wheat flour crust and tender sweet banana filling. It is one of the most favorite street food in Vietnam. Street food vendors usually deep-fry the cake using a charcoal oven and big pan at their rolling cart. Price of one cake is about 10,000 VND or 0.5 USD

2. Grilled banana in glutinous rice

Grilled banana in glutinous rice - Vietnamese food

Grilled banana in glutinous rice is one the most famous Vietnamese traditional cake which is introduced at many food festivals around the world. To make Grilled banana in glutinous rice, Vietnamese people wrap  whole peeled banana in steamed sticky rice and some layers of banana leaves, then grill on charcoal until the glutinous rice layer turn crispy, a little brown. Some prefer to eat this food with special sauce from coconut milk, sugar and salt. In Vietnam, a Grilled banana in glutinous rice costs about 10,000 VND or 0.5 USD.

3. Banana ice-cream

Banana ice-cream

Banana ice-cream has been loved by all of ages in Vietnam for many years. Ingredients to make this kind of food are banana, condensed milk, coconut milk, crushed peanuts, vanilla, tapioca starch and shredded coconut meat. The cook press whole banana into a sheet with medium thickness, put a layer of mixed condensed milk, coconut milk, vanilla, tapioca starch, sugar, salt, a layer of peanuts and a layer of shredded coconut meat. All of them are wrapped in plastic sheet and put into freezer. Banana ice-cream is a perfect blend of all ingredients. Banana ice-cream is very cheap, it costs about 10,000 VND or 0.5 USD.

4. Cylindrical glutinous rice cake with banana

Cylindrical glutinous rice cake with banana

Cylindrical glutinous rice cake – a popular traditional Vietnamese cake cooked at Tet festival, death anniversaries, birthday parties and weddings… It’s also a favorite cake that many Vietnamese people would like to eat on normal days. There are many kinds of Cylindrical glutinous rice cakes filled with different kinds of fillings. Banana is one of the most popular filling of this cake. The outer layer is made from glutinous rice, bean (optional) and coconut milk. Wrapped in banana leaves, the cake has special taste and smell. It takes many steps to make the cake and the cook must be experienced.

5. Banana candy

Banana candy

Vietnamese people usually eat Banana candies while drinking tea. Vietnamese traditional banana candy is chewy, tender, sweet and smelling. It’s made from maltose, banana, crushed peanuts, toasted sesame and ginger. All of ingredients are mixed and stirred on a big pan until it become solid. Then the mix is cut into pieces and wrapped in plastic sheet.

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