Thien Hau Lady Pagoda Festival in Binh Duong

Thien Hau Pagoda is a historical and cultural site of Binh Duong Province. The pagoda is structured following ancient style, a solemn worshiping place and a popular pilgrimage site of far and near people. The pagoda worships goddess Thien Hau. Thien Hau Lady Pagoda Festival is held every year to show the respect to Thien Hau Lady in Binh Duong.

Following the legend wrote on the stone stele at the pagoda, she was born in Tong Kien Long time (960). She was the sixth child of the Lams in Bo Dien district, Phuc Kien Province, China. As soon as being born, she spread halo and perfume. Growing up, she usually rode the quilt flying over the sea. In Tong Ung Hy time (987), she passed away and became a goddess. At that time, Lady was 27 years old. In Thien Hy time, Lady was conferred Thien Hau. The name Thien Hau has existed until now. Lady presented many places to help the dangerous people.

On the itinerary crossing the sea, going to the south looking for the land to establish their business difficulty, Chinese always prayed to Lady for help. They were fixed residence in Vietnam. In order to show deep gratitude to Lady, Chinese in Vietnam built the temple in Thu Dau Mot town, Binh Duong province to worship her.

Thien Hau Lady Pagoda Festival

Every year, Thien Hau Lady Pagoda Festival is organized from 13 to 15 of January of the lunar calendar. At night 13/1 of the lunar calendar, people in Thu Dau Mot Town lay a table in front of their houses to prepare to welcome Lady on the day after. In the morning 14/1, Lady Greeting Ceremony is held after traditional way. Lady’s palanquin is pushed throughout streets with lion and dragon dancing teams, colorful flags. On 15/1, people gather in Lady to burn incenses praying for health and happiness in the year.

Thien Hau Lady Pagoda Festival at Lady Pagoda in Thu Dau Mot becomes a big festival day of Chinese and Kinh inhabitants.

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