Top 10 mooncake brands in Vietnam

The volume of mooncakes are made by domestic leading such as Kinh Do, Nhu Lan, Givral, Dong Khanh. Brodard and Givral are two long standing bakeries which last for over 70 years. Handmade mooncakes from Ba Dan, Phuong Soat, Ninh Huong – Hang Dieu in Hanoi are the favorite choices of people in Vietnam’s capital thanks to the traditional recipes and original flavors. Dong Khanh and Bibica have been popular mooncake brands in the country for dozens of years. The prices of mooncakes from these two brands are a little cheaper than the others. Hy Lam Mon, ABC are famous bakeries andn their mooncakes are one of the most delicious and safest in Ho Chi Minh City. Phuc Long Coffee & Tea is one of the top coffee shop chains in Vietnam. In recent years, they have produced mooncakes which have become the favorite choices of many Vietnamese people. Lafeve (Taiwan), Break Talk (Singapore), Mc’ Donald (U.S.), Musangking (Malaysia) are international mooncake brands in Vietnam. The most expensive mooncake gift sets are produced by Hilton Opera Hanoi Hotel, Pancific Hanoi, Mondolez Kinh Do, Daewoo, Dai Phat. They gift sets cost from VND 2,800,000 to VND 25,000,000. I would like to list the Top 10 mooncake brands in Vietnam, all of them are Vietnamese brands which produce high-quality, delicious mooncakes with original flavors and secret recipes.

1. Givral

The first Givral bakery was opened in 1950. There are more than Givral 60 bakeries in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Like other cakes from Givral, the mooncakes are made from high-quality ingredients and less sweet and less greasy than mooncakes from many other brands. Customers can go to Givral bakeries to buy freshly and daily made grilled and sticky mooncakes by talented and experienced baker. Lots of companies order Givral mooncakes and gift them to their staff. A mooncake which weighs from 150 g to 300 g costs from VND 119,000 to 387,000. The most expensive Givral mooncake weighs 1 kg and costs  VND 981,000.

Givral mooncake

2. Brodard

Established in 1948, Brodard has been a favorite bakery of people in Ho Chi Minh City. Brodard mooncake is a mix of the tradition and modernity. There are over 20 Brodard bakeries in Saigon, customers can come to any bakery to buy delicious mooncakes. Similar to Givral mooncakes, Brodard grilled mooncakes have thin crust and lightly sweet fillings. A Brodard mooncake costs from VND 120,000, a 250g Brodard mooncake with five nuts and Lap xuong sausage costs VND 180,000.

Brodard mooncake

3. Kinh Do

Kinh Do brand has been in existence and is one of the leading domestic brands for over 20 year in Vietnam. Every year, Mondolez Kinh Do exports tons of mooncakes to the U.S., European and other countries. One month before August 15th in the lunar calendar, hundreds of temporary stalls sell Kinh Do mooncakes on the streets, in shopping centers, etc. Prices of Kinh Do mooncakes are cheaper than Givral and Brodard mooncakes. In my opinion, Kinh Do mooncakes are sweeter and less tender than Givral and Brodard mooncakes. A 150g mooncake costs from VND 55,000, a 230g fivenuts mooncake costs VND 165,000, a 800g mooncake with roasted chicken and X.O. wine costs VND 390,000.

Kinh Do mooncake

4. Nhu Lan

The brand has been existed for over 50 years, Vietnamese High-Quality Goods awards have been given to Nhu Lan for many times. High quality, safety, great taste, unique flavor are highlights of Nhu Lan mooncakes. A 250g Nhu Lan five nuts and roasted chicken mooncake costs VND 110,000. As you can see, Nhu Lan mooncakes are cheaper than Kinh Do mooncakes. There are some Nhu Lan bakeries in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. You can also buy Nhu Lan mooncakes at dozens of mooncake stalls on the streets from the end of July to August 15th in the lunar calendar.

Nhu Lan mooncake

5. Phuc Long

Phuc Long has about 50 coffee and tea shops and is one of the top coffee shop chain in Vietnam. Although Phuc Long mooncakes are new to Vietnamese people, they have won the heart of all ages thanks to the great taste and the quality. What is better than eating a mooncake and sip some great tea at a beautifully decorated Phuc Long coffee and tea shop. A Phuc Long mooncake costs from VND 90,000, the most expensive one costs VND 800,000.

Phuc Long mooncake

6. ABC

ABC bakery, founded by the talented baker Kao Luc Si has been well-known in Saigon for dozens of years. ABC produces all cakes at their best so that ABC bakeries are always crowded with customers. An ABC mooncake costs from VND 90,000, a 250g ABC five nuts mooncake costs VND 150,000.

ABC mooncake

7. Hilton Hanoi Opera

Hilton Hanoi Opera is a luxurious mooncake brand, founded by the hotel with the same name. A mooncake packaging costs from VND 800,000 to VND 25,000,000. The expensive ones include expensive wines and elegant packaging boxes. Customers can go to Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel, 1 Le Thanh Tong Street, Hoan Kiem Ward, Hanoi to buy the high-class mooncakes.

Hilton Opera Hanoi mooncake

8. Ba Dan

Hanoi people who were born in 1960s, 1970s have been familiar with eating mooncakes at Ba Dan shop at Full moon festival. Ba Dan mooncakes are perhaps the exquisitely parts of their childhood. The handmade mooncakes costs from VND 45,000, a 240g mixed nuts mooncake costs only VND 65,000.


126 Alley 554 Truong Chinh Street, Hanoi.

52 Hang Be Street, Hanoi.

422 Tay Son Street, Hanoi.

Ba Dan mooncake


9. Phuong Soat – Hang Chieu

Similar to Ba Dan mooncake shops, Phuong Soat, Ninh Huong – Hang Dieu, Bao Phuong – Thuy Khe are long-lasting brands offering distinctly delicious baked mooncakes and sticky mooncakes. The brands guarantee that there is no food preservative in the cakes.

Location: 75 Hang Chieu Street, Hanoi.

Phuong Soat mooncake

10. Bao Phuong

Location: Bao Phuong shop, 201A Thuy Khe Street, Hanoi.

Bao Phuong mooncake

Summary on Top 10 mooncake brands in Vietnam

Brodard, Kinh Do, Nhu Lan, Dong Khanh, Bibica, Phuc Long mooncakes are produced buy machines. Givral, Hilton Opera Hanoi, Ba Dan, Phuong Soat, Ninh Huong, Bao Phuong mooncakes are handmade. Kinh Do, Nhu Lan, Dong Khanh, Bibica mooncakes are sold popularly at mooncake stalls on the streets, at gift shops, supermarkets, convenience stores, markets, and other places at reasonable prices. In order to buy Brodard, Givral, ABC, Hy Lam Mon mooncakes, customers can come to the bakeries, most of which are located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. At traditional handmade mooncake shops, there are less varieties of fillings and crust for your choices but the cakes taste originally.

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