Sa Dec dry clear rice noodles

Sa Dec dry clear rice noodles – a specialty food of Can Tho city is different from other types of clear rice noodle dishes. Let me give you an overview of clear rice noodle (or Hu tieu). Made from rice flour, this kind of noodle is thin, long, a little chewy, tender and nice-smelling. Most of the dishes from Hu tieu is served in bowls with delicious broth, veggies, herbs, topped with various meat, egg, shrimp, beef, etc. We call them Clear rice noodle soups. Some famous Hu tieu are My Tho Clear rice noodle soups, Nam Vang Clear rice noodle soups, Clear rice noodle soups with braised beef. However, Sa Dec dry clear rice noodles are not served with any broth but a viscous sauce. It is not served in a bowl but a plate.

One of the highlights of Sa Dec dry clear rice noodles is that the special Hu tieu noodles are made in Sa Dec. A portion of Sa Dec dry clear rice noodles looks nice with white noodles, grey pork heart, sliced pork liver, light pink sliced lean pork, green chopped garlic chive, salad, brown deep-fried onion, red chili pepper chili, and dark yellow sauce. To eat, dinner uses chopsticks to stir all of the above so that the sauce plays off the others. Each cook has his own recipe of the sauce which is the key of this dish. A bowl of soup is also served to eat with the Dry clear rice noodles.

Anyone that has a chance to visit the beautiful Can Tho city which is full of delicious foods should not miss the distinctive Sa Dec dry clear rice noodles. It is not only flavorful but also healthy. It can warm and fulfill your empty stomach at any time of the day.

Sa Dec Dry Clear Rice Noodles

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