Chau Doc Rice Noodle Soup with Fish – a Speciality foods in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is a peaceful region where people are very kind and friendly. Mother Nature gives them many fresh fruits, fishes, animals and vegetables which can be used to cook delicious foods. Have you ever been in this beautiful region? Have you ever tasted foods in Mekong Delta? I’m going to introduce you Chau Doc Rice Noodle Soup with Fish, I’m sure that you will want to come to the Mekong Delta and enjoy it right away.

Rice Noodle Soup With Fish

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Rice Noodle Soup is popular in Vietnam and you can find this kind of soups in many restaurants in travel cities. However, Rice Noodle Soup With Fish from Chau Doc province – Mekong Delta has a special flavor that is totally different from others and will leave an impressive memory by its taste. No one knows the origin of these foods but Mekong Delta people have fallen in love with this rice noodle soup and either does the guests visiting them.

Mekong Delta is full of fishes and shrimps which are the main ingredients of Chau Doc Rice Noodle Soup with Fish. The taste comes from the broth which is cooked from fishbone and tiny shrimp saturated paste for a few hours. Rice Noodle Soup with Fish in Central style is made from ocean fishes. Snake fish is one of the most popular ingredients to make Chau Doc Rice Noodle Soup with Fish. They eat natural foods and there’s enough space for them to swim all days so that they have firm muscles and the meat is very tasty. The fish meat is ground and mixed with spices to make fish pie. The fish pie is used as topping of the noodle soup. Rice Noodle Soup in Mekong Delta is cooked with fishes which live in lake or rice fields.

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Chau Doc Rice Noodle Soup with Fish is served hot in a bowl and eaten with chopstick and spoon. Firstly, the rice noodle, fish pie, toasted pork, chopped green onion, fried tiny onion is put into the bowl. Then the broth is poured into the bowl. Vegetables couldn’t be missed and a variety of fresh veggies are served with this food such as thin sliced water spinach, banana flower, bean sprouts, water mimosa and common sesban. Common sesban is only available in Mekong Delta when there is high water.  Eating rice noodle with common sesban is the best way to enjoy the food. In addition, a small bowl of salt and chili, a slice of lime are always set beside the bowl of rice noodle soup.

If you have a chance to visit Mekong Delta, especially Chau Doc province, do not miss Chau Doc Rice Noodle Soup with Fish. It’s not only the taste but also the soul of Mekong Delta which will be with you even you have come back home. If you only have time in Ho Chi Minh city, you can enjoy this food at 124 Vo Thi Sau Street, District 3. Enjoy the food and you will never regret!

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