Vinh Trung soup cake in An Giang

Soup cake is a kind of Vietnamese rice noodle soup with thicker and shorter noodles in comparison to others of its kind. Soup cake is popular in many regions in Vietnam and it has many versions. Some of the famous recipes are Trang Bang soup cake in Tay Ninh province, Ben Co soup cake in Tra Vinh province. Vinh Trung commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province is about 30 km far from Chau Doc. The commune is famous for delicious soup cake. Coming to Vinh Trung, travelers should not miss the famous Vinh Trung soup cake which has won the hearts of thousands of local people and visitors for many years.

There are some soup cake restaurants in Vinh Tru ng commune. The recipe originated in Ut Oanh Na restaurant which is 300 meters far from Vinh Trung market. Tens of years ago, Ms. Neang Oanh Na who lives in Vinh Trung created a soup cake noodles from the special rice grown by Khmer people in Bay Nui region – a region of 7 mountains in An Giang. So that the noodles have typical taste and smell. Not similar to noodles of soup cake in other regions, Vinh Trung soup cake noodles are not round but flat. The noodles are stickier than the others. The clear rich broth is the soul of this dish, it is cooked from pork bone, chicken bone, dried squid and dried shrimp. The dish is topped with pork leg, chicken, wild snakehead, shrimp, meatball at customer wish. Culantra and green onion are also topped to enhances flavors and smell of the soup cake. Fish sauce, chili pepper could not be missed while eating this dish.

There is no better than eating a bowl of Vinh Trung soup cake in An Giang. It is totally comfortable, healthy and flavorful dish. Once eating, travelers should not forget its great taste.

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Vinh Trung soup cake in An Giang

Vinh Trung soup cake in An Giang

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