Hue Noodle Soup – a delicious Vietnamese food


Hue Noodle Soup (Bun Bo Hue) is a delicious Vietnamese food. Bun bo Hue originated in Hue province – the old kingdom of Vietnam with rich culture and cuisine. Hue is located on the romantic Perfume River, the Hue people has their own characters which make them unique. The foods in this region are as splendid and elegant as the sights and the locals.

The highlights of this amazing food are the perfect mix of flavorful broth, toppings, thick rice noodle and fresh vegetables. All makes it totally different from others. The special taste of the broth comes from saturated tiny shrimp, lemongrass, pineapple, star aniseed, cinnamon, ginger, cane wipes, onion, fish sauce, chili powder, beef bone and pork leg. Bun bo Hue is extremely spicy that makes you remember it forever. The broth is cooked carefully for many hours and it has to be clean at the end. Patience, skillfulness and carefulness are key ingredients in cooking this Vietnamese delicious food.

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The blood pudding is cut into medium pieces and beef pie, boiled beef brisket is sliced thinly and used as toppings. There is some version of Bun bo hue in which there are pork leg, crab pie, boiled pork. Tough and rich beef pie, crab pie are, tender the boiled beef brisket and pork, greasy pork leg creates many layers of flavor when you eat with rice noodles and broth. The rice noodle is Thinly sliced banana flower, bean sprout, chopped green onion and spirited couldn’t be missed. Some prefer the sour so that they put lime juice into the bowl of Bún bò Huế to make it tastier. Along with fish sauce and slices of lime, chili oil and pickled chili are also available on the table so that customers can add them into the bowl at their wish.

This authentic dish has been popular not only in the Central region but also in South Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City. Today it’s one of the most popular foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. People of all ages are fall in love with this food. If you’ve tried it, you will never regret and I believe you would like to enjoy it more and more. Bun bo Hue is listed in Top 50 delicious dishes in the world. Don’t miss this food when you’re in Vietnam. Vietnamese people use chopsticks to eat the rice noodle, meat and vegetable and spoon to eat the broth. It’s a little difficult for Western foreigners who are familiar with forks and knives. But it’s very interesting to enjoy a new dish in a different way. You’re welcome to Vietnam to eat spicy Hue noodle soup by using chopsticks like locals. Hue Noodle Soup is a bright star on the sky of Vietnamese cuisine and I believe it has brightened all over the world.

Best places to eat delicious Vietnamese food – Hue Noodle Soup (Bun Bo Hue) in Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Bún bò Huế Thành Nội at 47A Trần Cao Vân streer, District 3
  • Bún bò Huế Ðông Ba at 110A Nguyễn Du street, District 1
  • Bún bò Huế Hạnh at 135 Bành Văn Trân street, Tân Bình District
  • Bún bò Gánh at 110 Lý Chính Thắng street, District 3
  • Bún bò Hương Giang at 130 Ni Sư Huỳnh Liên street, Tân Bình District
  • Bún bò Chú Há at 300 Võ Văn Tần street, District 3
  • Bún bò Huế at 31 Mạc Đĩnh Chi street, District 1

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