Sam Mountain in Chau Doc, An Giang, Vietnam

Sam Mountain in Chau Doc, An Giang gathers many famous tourist attractions around in An Giang. Before traveling An Giang, you also need to know generally about this mountain.

Sam Mountain is one of 7 mountains in An Giang: Cam Mountain, Dai Nam Gieng Mountain, Co To Mountain, Dai Lon Mountain, Tuong Mountain, Ket Mountain, Nuoc Mountain, Sam Moutain. Sam Mountain is also known as Vinh Te Mountain, Ngoc Lanh Mountain located in Nui Sam Ward, Chau Doc City, An Giang Province.

Sam Mountain is small with the height of 284 m. At the top, there is a stone platform where the statue of Ba Chua Xu was located before being taken to the shrine (Ba Chua Xu is a goddess controlling a region). The stone platform is square shaped and dark blue colored. its side of 1.60 m, the thickness of 0.3 m. Around Mount Sam, there are many temples, including the most famous are Ba Chua Xu Temple, Tay An Pagoda, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Phuoc Dien Pagoda (also known as Hang Pagoda) being the works recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national monument. Stone in the mountain Sam is mainly granite. Since 1890, the French had exploited to make roads. After 1975, to protect the environment and tourism landscape, the provincial government banned stone exploitation.

Mount Sam is a strategic high point. At the top, you can observe a large border area from Chau Doc City to Tinh Bien District, from Bay Nui to Chau Phu District. Thus, before 1975, there was a soldier Station on top of the mountain, called Fortress. Later, near the station, there was a broadcasting pillar. In addition, the foot of the mountain also has a national highway 91 running through 8 km long, convenient for transportation and economic development of the region.

Ba Chua Xu Temple, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Tay An Pagoda and Hang Pagoda of Sam Mountain area are outstanding tourist attractions in Chau Doc City. If you want to visit these places, you should take a trip at the end of spring because this is the festival season in Chau Doc.

Sam Mountain in Chau Doc

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