Xiem steamed glutinous rice in Chau Doc

Xiem steamed glutinous rice in Chau Doc

Steamed glutinous rice or Xoi is a popular food in Vietnam for low price, great taste, convenience and comfort. There are tens of Xoi recipes around the countries. Each region has special steamed glutinous rice recipes which reflect its characteristics. Hanoi has the elegant but simple Xoi Xeo. Five-colored steamed glutinous rice is an authentic dish in Northwest Vietnam. Chau Doc city in An Giang province is famous for Xiem steamed glutinous rice which has unique taste and smell.

According to local people, a Vietnamese Thai person brought this kind of Xoi to Chau Doc. Vietnamese people call Thailand “Xiem” in Vietnamese so that they call the dish Xiem steamed glutinous rice or Xoi Xiem. The dish which is sweet, greasy and strangely smelling has become a favorite food of many local people. They have changed the recipe to meet local preference and product.

The recipe is not very hard, but it needs experience and skillfulness to cook Xoi Xiem. Ingredients for this food are Thai glutinous rice, wheat flour, duck egg, sugar palm – a specialty food of An Giang province. Glutinous rice is washed, drained off, steamed in a  bamboo/aluminum/stainless steamer which is covered with a layer of banana leaves. The steamed glutinous rice will be ready after 1 hour.

To serve, pour a greasy and sweet sauce from wheat flour, egg, coconut water, palm sugar and another sauce from coconut milk, coconut water, and tapioca starch. The steamed glutinous rice must be sticky, not too wet, not too hard. The sauces should be sweet and greasy enough so that it can make dinners eat more and more. The sauces play off perfectly the sticky seeds of steamed glutinous rice. Some cooks prefer to top the steamed glutinous rice with some mung bean paste and durian flesh to enhance its flavor and smell.

In comparison to the original Thai steamed glutinous rice, Xoi Xiem in Chau Doc is less sweet, less greasy and light smelling. Coming to Chau Doc, travelers can see many Xoi Xiem stalls and smell its fragrance spreading on the streets. Do not miss enjoy this kind of steamed glutinous rice! It will fulfill your stomach and satisfy your taste.

Steamed glutinous rice; sauce from wheat flour, egg, coconut water, palm sugar; sauce from coconut milk, coconut water, and tapioca starch

To serve, pour two sauces onto the steamed glutinous rice.

Tu Lien stall which has served Xiem steamed glutinous rice for over 40 years in An Giang

Steamed glutinous rice, sauces and banana leaves are arranged at Tu Lien stall.

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