Siu Chau Candy in Nam Dinh

A Vietnamese folk song says:

“Trèo lên trái núi Thiên Thai

Thấy hai con cọp đang nhai kẹo sìu”

(“Climbing Thien Thai mountain

Finding two tigers chewing Siu Chau Candy”)

Siu Chau Candy In Nam Dinh 1

Siu Chau Candy is a famous specialty food of Nam Dinh. Siu Chau Candy is proud of Nam Dinh people. It has been a favorite food of many locals as well as visitors. It also is a great gift to buy in Nam Dinh.

Siu Chau Candy in Nam Dinh is about 5 cm long and 2 cm wide. The candy is made from peanuts, sesame (white or black), malt from golden flower glutinous rice, sugar and golden flower glutinous rice flour. Although the candy is a little rough looking, it has a distinctive taste and special smell. All of the ingredients are produced in Nam Dinh. The candy is very smelling, lightly sweet, crispy and brown-yellow.

Although the recipe is simple, not everyone can make this candy the best. It requires skillfulness, experience passed from generation to generation. The first step of making the candy is choosing the best ingredients. This step is very important, it decides the quality of candy. They toast sesame and peanuts until they are pleasant, then peel them. After that, they cook malt and sugar in a big pan. Toasted sesame and peanuts are added. The maker must be patient so that he can stir the mixture continuously until the mixture achieves a thickness he desires. He pours the ready mixture onto a tray with golden flower glutinous rice flour and cut into pieces of candy. He must do this step quickly within 10 minutes so that the mixture does not turn hard and could not be cut.

Siu Chau candy in Nam Dinh does not stick onto dinner’s teeth like other kinds of Vietnamese candies (coconut candy, banana candy, peanut candy, sesame candy…). The perfect blend of crispy, buttery peanuts and sesame and fragrant It is better to enjoy this candy with green tea.

Siu Chau Candy In Nam Dinh 1

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