Soup with Rice Paddy Crab, Malabar Spinach and Luffa

The delicious and healthy Soup with Rice Paddy Crab, Malabar Spinach and Luffa (Canh Cua Mong Toi Muop) is very popular in Vietnam, especially the countryside of the country. It is a favorite of many families for their meals. There is no better than a meal with Steam rice, Canh Cua Mong Toi Muop, Pickled garden egg, Fermented shrimp paste and Boiled pork. The soup helps to refresh body, beat the heat of summer day and provide a high level of calcium.

The key ingredient is rice paddy crab which is caught in rice fields or channels in the countryside of Vietnam. Female rice paddy crabs with hard and grey shells are better. According to experienced cooks, these crabs have more roe and their meat is more smelling and firmer. Chosen crabs are soaked in water for a few minutes, then washed for many times. Then the cook removes crab shells and separates crab-roe from the crabs. The crabs are ground with some salt until well-kneaded. Ground crabs are mixed with water and filtered into a mixture without crab shells. Malabar spinach leaves are washed and drained off. Luffa is peeled off, washed and chopped into circles.

Crab mixture is put into boiling water in a pot and cooked until the broth boils again. The cook gets “Rieu cua” – the layer of crab meat which floats on the broth out of the broth. Then the cook stir-fries Rieu cua with minced garlic quickly. Malabar spinach leaves and chopped luffa are added and cooked until tender. After that, the cook puts the stir-fried crab meat into the pot. Salt, fermented shrimp paste, ground black pepper, chopped green onion are added before taking the pot off the stove.

Canh Cua Mong Toi Muop is usually served in a bowl. It looks quite attractive with green color of vegetables, yellow color of crab-roe, the transparent broth and grey color of Rieu cua. Eating refreshing broth, the tender crab-roe, Rieu cua, malabar spinach and luffa can help dinner to comfort his stomach.

Soup With Rice Paddy Crab, Malabar Spinach And Luffa

Soup with Rice Paddy Crab, Malabar Spinach and Luffa

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