Suong noodle soup – Tra Vinh specialty food

Suong noodle soup originated from  Tra Vinh Province which is located about 120 km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Suong noodle soup is called Bún suông, bún đuông (Bun suong, bun duong) in Vietnamese. Bún means noodle, suông or đuông mean worm. The noodle soup consists of white rice noodles and thicker light orange noodles which look like worms, so that the food has been named as Bún suông, bún đuông. Trips to Tra Vinh have not been complete if visitors miss Bun suong.

What does Suong noodle soup consist & how to cook?

Bun suong consists of rice noodles, broth, toppings including shrimps, “suông”, pork legs and is served with a special dip and assorted vegetables.

Ingredients for “suông” are shrimps, starch, minced shallots, sugar, salt, ground black pepper. The cook usually uses a plastic bag to make noodles from the mixture.

The broth is the soul of this food, it must be clear, rich and has a shrimp-roe (gạch tôm) color. To cook the broth of Bun suong, they cook pork bone, pork leg, white radish, dried shrimp with water for at least 2 hours. The cook should skim off the scum and fat from the broth regularly. Tamarind sauce and salted fermented soy bean sauce (taucheo) are also added to the broth in order to make it taste uniquely. “Suông” noodles are added to the pot of broth and cooked until they are floating on the broth. Fresh shrimps are also cooked until well-done.

Suong noodle soup

Suong noodles are light orange.

Suong noodle soup

Suong noodle soup.

How to serve Suong noodle soup?

To serve the food, the cook blanch rice noodles and put them into a bowl, then add “suông” noodles, shrimps, pork legs, blood pudding, sometimes fried or grilled squids, pork skin. The broth is poured over the rice noodles and the toppings. A plate consists of bean sprouts, shredded cabbages, morning glory, banana blossoms and others. A sweet-salty sauce made from salted fermented soybeans is also served. Diners can add the sauce to the bowls of Bun suong or dip toppings before eating. They should use chopsticks and spoons to eat this food like eating other Vietnamese noodle soups.

A portion of Suong noodle soup

A portion of Suong noodle soup.

vegetables, served with Suong noodle soup

Assorted vegetables, served with Suong noodle soup.

special dipping sauce, served with Suong noodle soup

The special dipping sauce served with Bun suong.

Where to eat Bún suông in Tra Vinh?

Bún suông Hùi Yến

Address: 49 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 3, Tra Vinh City.

Opening hours: from the early morning until night.

Phone number: 0907861571.


Highlights: one of the oldest and most famous restaurants serving Bun suong in Tra Vinh, secret recipe, great taste.

Hui Yen Suong noodle soup restaurant

Hui Yen Suong noodle soup restaurant.


What is better than eating something piping hot like Bun suong after a long day exploring the city?

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