Tan Chau climbing mountain cow

Tan Chau district in An Giang province is famous for a very strange dish – Climbing mountain cow (Bo leo nui). It will be a big miss if you don’t try this food on your trip to An Giang. In fact, Bo leo nui is a grilled dish. Local people call the dish like that not because the cow is grown on mountains but because it is grilled on a special grill which looks like a mountain.

A trip to Tan Chau could not be complete if travelers miss enjoying the amazing Climbing mountain cow at local restaurants. After ordering, customers will be served a plate of sliced marinated beef, a charcoal grill made of cast iron, rice paper, veggies (green banana), fermented tofu or Pro hok fermented fish. In Vietnam, they usually slice beef thinly to grill. However, in Tan Chau, the beef is sliced more thickly and marinated with egg and secret spices. Before grilling, the marinated beef is covered with a thin layer of butter, a piece of pork fat is put onto the grill. The perfect mix of butter, pork fat and egg make the dish outstandingly sweet-tasty, greasy, different from other grilled beef recipes. Beef turns hard and chewy if it is overcooked. One of the impressive things about Tan Chau grilled beef is that it is always not hard and chewy but tender even it is grilled for a long time.

Tan Chau climbing mountain cow is the result of the blend of Kinh and Khmer cuisines. With a strange name and unique way to marinate and serve a grilled beef dish, Bo leo nui is the first choice of travelers in Tan Chau. Sitting around a table at a local restaurant, grill the Tan Chau climbing mountain cow yourself at the table and enjoy the amazing taste and smell of this famous dish.

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Tan Chau Climbing mountain cow

Tan Chau Climbing mountain cow

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