Tay Ninh Chili Shrimp Salt

Tay Ninh – a province in South-western Vietnam is famous for Cao Dai religion as well as the biggest Cao Dai Temple, Ba Den mountain – the highest mountain in South Vietnam and lots of specialty foods such as Trang Bang soup cake and Dew-wetted rice paper and Tay ninh Chili shrimp salt (Muoi tom).

Made from high-quality salt, fresh shrimp, chosen carefully chili, lemongrass and garlic, Muoi tom tastes salty, hot, very light sweet and smells great. The special taste and smell come from shrimp which makes Muoi tom different from others. To make good Chili shrimp salt, the cook must be experienced, skillful and patient. It needs many steps such as: choosing ingredients, drying, grounding and toasting. Chili must be red and fresh, shrimp must be fresh and unrefined salt must be high-quality. All of them should be dried under the sun until being dry. Shrimps should be peeled before being dried. After that dried shrimps and chili are ground, toasted with unrefined salt in a big pan. Right proportions of shrimp, salt, chili is 5:5:3. Garlic and lemongrass are also added to make the food tastier. Heat and toasting time are important in process of making Muoi tom. Ready Muoi tom is blood orange, fragrant and tasty.

Tay Ninh Shrimp Chili Salt

Chili shrimp salt has blood orange color

Tay Ninh Shrimp Chili Salt

Chili shrimp salt is usually packed in plastic bag, one kilogram of Chili shrimp salt costs about 150,000 vnd or 7 usd

Tay Ninh Chili Shrimp Salt is an important ingredient to make Rice paper salad and Shaked mango – Favorite snacks in Vietnam. This kind of salt is also used to marinate grilled dishes, soups and salads. Vietnamese people love to eat fruits (guava, watermelon, pomelo, pineapple, mango, otaheite apple, plum…) with Chili shrimp salt.

Mixed Rice Paper

To make Rice paper salad, just mix rice paper strips, deep-fried onion, Muoi tom and other ingredients (beef jerky, kumquat juice, quail egg, dried squid) at dinner’s wish

Shaked Mango In Saigon

Shaked green onion with Chili shrimp salt

Grilled Shrimp In Vietnam Or Tom Nuong

Delicious Grilled shrimp marinated with Muoi tom

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