Tay Ninh Rice Paper

1. Dew-wetted rice paper or Banh trang phoi suong

Tay Ninh Rice Paper

Rice paper after being dried under the sun

It’s a big miss if visitors coming to Tay Ninh don’t eat the specialty Dew-wetted rice paper with boiled pork leg, fish sauce dip, herbs and vegetables. Dew-wetted rice paper originated in Trang Bang – a town of Tay Ninh province. In recent days, there are a lot of families earn their living on making Dew-wetted rice paper. Loc Du village is famous for this kind of rice paper. There are many recipes making Tay Ninh rice paper in Vietnam. What make Banh trang phoi suong special and different from other? The reason may be the complex process of producing. Ingredients of Banh trang phoi suong are rice which are ground with water to create a white batter. The cook steams 2 thin layers of batter to make wet rice paper. Wet rice papers are dried on bamboo sheets under the sun until it become dry. The dried rice papers are grilled over dried peanut shell fire, then they are put on bamboo sheets so that it’s moistened by dew for about 15 minutes at night. After that these rice papers are wrapped carefully in banana leaves to keep them soft. Dew-wetted rice paper has two layers sticking together, it becomes chewy but tender after being dried under the sun and moistened by dew. This kind of rice paper is one of the most favorite wrappers in Vietnam. As mentioned above, Tay Ninh Rice Paper or Banh trang phoi suong is usually served with boiled pork leg/pork belly slices, sweet, sour and hot fish sauce dip, herbs and vegetables including Tay Ninh forest vegetables.

Simple Dew-wetted rice paper with boiled pork leg slices

Dew-wetted rice paper with boiled pork, pickles and lots of vegetables

2. Chewy hot rice paper or Banh trang deo cay

Chewy hot rice paper is a version of Dew-wetted rice paper. Instead of making only from rice, the cook adds chopped green onion, minced red chili pepper, garlic and salt into the batter. So that Banh trang deo cay smells great, tastes salty and hot.

Tay Ninh Rice Paper

3. Mixed rice paper salad

Mixed rice paper salad has won the hearts of all ages in Vietnam. What is this kind of salad and its recipe? In fact, there are a wide range of Rice paper salad’s recipes. One of the simplest one is mixing dried plain rice paper strips, shrimp hot salt, crushed peanuts, dried tiny shrimp, deep-fried green onion, saute and lemon juice.

Mixed Rice Paper Salad 6

Mixed Rice Paper

Other favorite kind of Rice paper salad is made from dried plain rice paper strips, shredded green mange, beef jerky, shredded dried squid, peanuts, quail egg, Vietnamese mint, dried tiny shrimp and special sauce.

Mixed Rice Paper Salad With Special Sauce 4

4. Tay Ninh Rice paper roll or Banh trang cuon

Chewy hot rice paper sheets, toasted peanuts, dried tiny shrimps, deep-fried onion, butter are sold together so that dinners can use the rice paper to wrap others and enjoy perfect blend of wrapper and fillings.

Tay Ninh Rice Paper With Butter, Peanuts And Deep Fried Onion

Sellers can also roll quail egg, dried tiny shrimps, deep-fried onion, butter, Vietnamese mints into medium rolls which are eaten with special sauce from tamarind, butter and chili.
Vietnamese Mixed Dried Food Roll

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